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June 12, 2021

Not many homeowners in Charleston, SC give a second thought to maintenance for their air conditioner or heating system. We all see the advertisements from Heating and AC Service companies suggesting a tune-up and inspection of your air conditioner or heating system. Yet a lot of people skip this very necessary vital step in maintaining their HVAC system. Many people ignore their HVAC system altogether until something goes seriously wrong with the cooling or heating system, such as not getting any cold air in the summer or no hot air in the winter. It is often only when something goes wrong that people call for service.

Just like your car or truck, your heating system and air conditioner also need routine maintenance. In fact, HVAC maintenance is vital to having a functioning heating system or air conditioner, free of major malfunctions. Did you know that having a tune-up of your heating system and air conditioner every year helps to prolong its life? It also helps you avoid major repairs by catching minor problems before they spiral out of control and become major problems such as expensive parts replacement from a Heating and AC Service company.

What exactly does heating system and air conditioner maintenance entail? Well, the level of service for one will vary from company to company. Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating offers full Heating and AC Service without cutting any corners. Our HVAC technicians will perform an inspection of your HVAC system. During this inspection, they will test vital components of your system, clean anything dirty and adjust anything that needs an adjustment. They will also be on the lookout for minor problems which if left unattended could become a major repair down the line. Oftentimes a simple part might need replacement due to wear and tear on your heating and cooling system.

Our professional HVAC service is also on the lookout for any adjustments that will help to improve your heating or air conditioner’s performance and efficiency. The more efficient your system runs, the cheaper your utility bills will be. This of course saves you money over the long term. Not only does regular yearly maintenance prevent future problems, but it can also save you money over time, depending on what your technician does and finds with your system. While most issues can be caught while they are minor issues there is a slight chance we may find a major fault, such as failing components in your system. In this case, you might need to schedule an appointment for the replacement of major components, depending on if we have the parts on hand or not. We can locate most parts rather quickly.

Now that we know how important it is to have regular heating and air conditioner maintenance for your systems, the question now becomes when do you schedule this maintenance service? The answer is a simple one: before you need it. Let me explain here, you do not want to schedule maintenance for your heater in the wintertime, nor do you want to schedule maintenance for your AC unit in the summer. You should call your Heating and AC Service during the off seasons for maintenance. So for your heating system the ideal time of the year to service it is in the fall, while for an AC unit the ideal time would be in the spring. Why is this you ask? Simple, you want to catch problems before you need the heater or AC unit in question operating. You also will find it easier to get ahold of an HVAC service technician during the off months as these professionals will not be as likely to be busy. Summer and winter are the busy months of the year for any Charleston, SC Heating and AC Service company.

The next question you should be asking yourself is how often you should schedule maintenance for your AC unit and heating system. Each system should be seen by a professional Heating and AC Service company once a year. If you have an AC unit or a furnace you should have them inspected and tuned up once per year. You should ideally call in the off-season when it is easier to schedule maintenance at your leisure, plus when more Heating and AC Service professionals are available. By taking care of your maintenance early you avoid problems when you most need your AC unit or heater running.

You should schedule maintenance for your own peace of mind and comfort. What do we mean by comfort? Well for one thing heating and air conditioning systems degrade over time. This is especially true of climate control systems. Climate control systems over the years start to perform less efficiently. Our Heating and AC Service professionals can detect when these systems are failing and repair or replace them, leading to greater comfort in the home. There’s also the possibility of less of a utility bill in many cases.

Regular maintenance of your AC unit and heating system also helps to keep you and your loved ones safe. If you have a natural gas-powered heating system then this is especially true in your case. You could unwittingly be exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide gas. There are also fire hazards with older systems that may have damaged parts such as a faulty heat exchanger. Regular maintenance when done will alert you to any hazards your systems may pose. It is cheaper, in the long run, to catch problems early on than to wait for these problems to not only grow but spiral out of control.

If you have not yet scheduled your HVAC maintenance, now is the time while you still remember to do it. Call the most professional Heating and AC Service in Charleston, SC, Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, today to schedule your HVAC maintenance. Our friendly service reps will schedule an appointment that works for you at your convenience.

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