What You Need to Know About Your HVAC System in a New Home

April 4, 2023

As a new homeowner, you’ve a lot to learn about the responsibilities that come after the ownership of your home. As you learn about everything else, the HVAC is an important component to understand. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; all three functions are crucial in maintaining a comfortable environment within your home that’s energy efficient. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to your new HVAC system:

The Different Elements of Your HVAC System

The HVAC system of your new home is composed of a variety of components that work together to provide heating and cooling. The main parts are:

Comfort Systems: These are the primary components of your HVAC system. They include the furnace and air conditioner, both of which use fuel to generate heat and cool air in your home.

The Ductwork: The ducts are responsible for delivering heated or cooled air throughout your home. In some homes, these ducts may also be used for ventilation purposes, such as bringing in fresh air from outside.

Thermostats: A thermostat is a device that can be programmed to regulate the temperature in your home, ensuring it stays at a comfortable level.

Radiators: Radiators are used to heat air in the home. They can be powered by gas, electricity, or steam.

Air Quality Equipment: This includes air filters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, which all work together to help create a healthier environment within your home.

Why HVAC Preventive Maintenance is Critical

Your home’s HVAC system plays an important role in keeping your family comfortable and healthy. However, like any other home system, it requires regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to work properly.

Preventive HVAC maintenance can help extend the life of your system, reduce energy costs, and improve air quality in your home. The best way to ensure that your HVAC system is properly maintained is by:

  • Scheduling regular checkups with a licensed professional
  • Replacing the filter every 30 to 90 days
  • Hose down the outside unit monthly
  • Insulating the ducts to improve efficiency
  • Keep openings around the unit free from debris for airflow

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your HVAC system is functioning optimally and helping to keep your home comfortable. Additionally, regular maintenance can help identify potential problems before they become costly repairs.

Look For Signs of HVAC Trouble

In addition to regular maintenance, you should also be aware of any warning signs that your system is not working properly. These could include the following:

  • Strange noises or odors coming from the system – the system may need repair or cleaning
  • High Energy Bills – the system may be running inefficiently and require repairs or replacement parts
  • Uneven Cooling or Heating Throughout the House – a problem with air flow could indicate a need for repairs
  • Old Age – HVAC systems typically last 10-15 years, and may need to be replaced if it is well beyond this age

The Effects of Weather

Finally, keep in mind that your HVAC system can be affected by the weather. For example, during hot summer months, you may need to run the air conditioner more often to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Similarly, during cold winter months, you may need to run the furnace more often and for longer periods of time. Both of these can increase your energy bills, so it’s important to monitor them closely and adjust your usage as needed.

How Repair and Replacement Works

If you notice any of the signs above, the next step is to get your HVAC system inspected. An inspector will be able to tell you if the system needs repair or replacement and can provide you with estimates for each option. If repairs are needed, most of them can be done quickly and easily by a qualified technician.

Replacing an entire system is usually more expensive and time-consuming, but if it is necessary it can be done in a few days. In either case, you should always make sure to research the best options for your needs and budget before making a decision.

Call Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning; Carney & Son 72 Degrees

You need to call a reliable licensed HVAC technician for routine inspections and maintenance of your HVAC system in a new home. Carney & Son 72 Degrees is a trustworthy HVAC company that provides quality services for residential and commercial properties. We can inspect the system to ensure it is running properly, as well as check for any issues such as leaks, clogs, or blocked vents. Our technicians are experienced in all types of HVAC systems and can provide you with the best possible advice on how to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help you with your HVAC system in your new home.

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