The Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

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As long as the HVAC system is running smoothly, many homeowers forget about the maintenance of their heating and air system. Banging and rattling is probably the last thing a homeowner wants to hear from their heating and air equipment, and no one wants their system to fail especially in the dead of winter.

HVAC systems, like any other mechanical equipment, requires maintenance and you can drastically reduce its energy consumption by keeping up with it. Here’s how to get the most out of your HVAC.

charleston heating and air Carney and Son

Mistake 1: Not Replacing Your Heating and Air System When It’s Time

Before you do anything, it is important to consider your current energy bills as well as the age of the heating and air system. If the system is a decade old, then you should know its efficiency is only 40-60%. If your heating and air system is on its last legs, then it’s time to replace the whole HVAC system. Today, gas furnaces available boast a 97% of efficiency rating, and a new heat pump can reduce your electricity use for heating even more.

Mistake 2: Not Setting Your Thermostat Properly

When you plan to change your thermostat setting from cooling to heating, reprogramming your thermostat is a great idea. Make sure to set it properly and you will get the most out of your heating and air for Charleston’s winter. There is no perfect winter interior temperature for every home, as everyone has their preferences, and the savviest homeowners realize there is no perfect temperature for every moment in their homes.

A smart thermostat can save you money!
When your home is left empty, such as work hours or when you’re traveling, it presents ideal opportunities to lower the temperature and reduce heating and air expenses. Many Charleston homeowners miss this opportunity because they find constantly programming their thermostats too time-consuming. Others simply forget. Upgrading your home’s thermostat to a modern thermostat will help you run your home’s heating and air system efficiently and worry-free and save you money on your electric bill.

Mistake 3: Not Replacing the Air Filters

If you haven’t changed or cleaned your air filter for a while, then it’s probably time to check and replace them. Dirty HVAC filters reduce the efficiency of the system as well as hamper the airflow. They should be check and replaced frequently.

Mistake 4: Not Conducting Preventative Maintenance on Your Heating and Air System

The one and the only way to prevent or avoid emergency repairs is to maintain the HVAC system regularly. The problems that lead to broken or deteriorating heating and air equipment generally starts with minor issues like loose components, an old belt or filters that never get changed.

Conducting regular maintenance checks will allow your heating and air technician in Charleston, SC to prevent both minor and major problems. In addition to that, they can do any necessary HVAC repairs, if needed. Let us make this process easy for you. Call Carney & Son at 843-242-7065 to get the assistance you need.

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