Spring Checklist – Are you Ready for Warm Weather?

We all know about spring cleaning for the soul and how it is like an awakening once the cold air is behind us. But do you know how important spring cleaning is for your HVAC system? It is critical to spring clean your system to improve the air quality and dust away the dirt and debris that might be recirculating through your ducts over the long winter months. The best way to get your HVAC system ready for the warm weather is to follow this spring checklist comprised by your Charleston HVAC professionals who know best!

Mop and Dust

Dusting and mopping might be a little more work-intensive than just vacuuming, but it is essential in the spring when allergens are in full swing. If you keep your windows open to let the warm air in, then allergens, dirt, and debris can make their ways indoor, and accumulate on the floors. If you don’t mop and dust them up, then the particles can become airborne and make their way into your duct work where they continue to recirculate and cause misery to allergy sufferers.

Clean Windows

Cleaning windows is an excellent way to let more sunshine in, but it is also important for air quality and lower your energy costs. When you allow more light into your home on colder days, you reduce the need to run your HVAC. And during the pollen season, it is important to limit the allergens that make their way indoors. You can do that by keeping windows clean and allergen-free.

Change Your Air Filters

Springtime is an excellent time to replace your air filters more regularly. Ideally, you should replace air filters about every thirty days. But when the hard pollen season hits, it might be beneficial to replace them about every other week to limit build-up. When you change your air filters, just make sure to turn off your HVAC unit so particles don’t make their way into your system.

Have Your HVAC Maintained

If you put your air conditioner away for the winter without servicing it, now is the time to ensure that things are working in top shape. Having your air conditioner serviced, will ensure that there aren’t any problems lurking that can become problematic. It is also important to clean off your system to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris that is probably plaguing your system. If you don’t, it will lead to an increased risk for a breakdown.

Duct Work Cleaning

Even if you change your filters regularly, particles can still make their way into your duct work and get trapped. Due to the moisture within your duct work, build-up can lead to mold, which will reduce the quality of your air. It can also lead to a decrease in airflow, which will increase your energy costs and decrease your energy efficiency.

Clean Around Your Air Conditioner

Before you fire up your air conditioner, it is a good idea to clean up the outside unit. Remove any branches or dirt and debris that might compromise the fan or harm your unit. You want to make sure that your air conditioner is getting the maximum amount of airflow. There should be a two-foot clearance around your unit at all times.

Spring is in the air, and so too will be the allergy season. To keep your system working optimally when the hot weather hits, do these spiring HVAC checklist items suggested by top HVAC professionals like Carney & Son. Most importantly, contact us today for your regular maintenance to keep everything running smoothly