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Your home’s comfort is deceptively important – if it is persistently too hot, or too cold, it can affect your mood, your sleep, and your productivity. Problematic units can even aggravate respiratory issues due to excessive dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens being circulated. This is why it is so important to speak to our skilled Charleston HVAC installation specialists and find out how we can help. Located in Charleston & Johns Island, Carney & Son 72 Degrees has over 30 years of experience and can help you to take home comfort and safety to a whole new level.

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What is Wrong with My System?

  • Abnormally High Electricity Bill: One of the first signs that a unit may be running inefficiently is an unusually high electricity bill. You should monitor your bill from month to month to watch for spikes during months when everything should be the same.
  • Auxiliary Light: If the auxiliary light is on frequently, despite the fact it is not cold outside, the unit is most likely low on Freon. This is a simple repair, but it should be attended to as soon as you notice the light.
  • Unit Runs Continuously: If you see the unit is constantly running or running longer than usual, you should have the unit looked at immediately. Attending to this issue quickly will mean a lower repair bill, and you will prevent the high utility bills if the unit is allowed to run.
  • Low Air Flow: If you notice a reduction in the airflow from your vents the first thing to try is replacing the filter. Dirty filters can restrict air flow. If you have changed the filter and the air flow is still lower than the unit is most likely in need of repair.
  • Ice Buildup: One of the first signs of a problem during the winter is the continuous buildup of ice on outdoor condenser coils (heat pump). If you notice a buildup, you will want to have the unit repaired quickly to prevent a more serious problem if the heat pump bursts.
  • High Humidity: Everyone in Charleston understands humidity. However, if you notice higher than normal humidity inside a space being cooled, then you need to have your unit inspected.

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If you are experiencing any of these issues, we strongly recommend that you contact Carney & Son 72 Degrees today. We have over 30 years and three generations of the Carney family to back up our extensive experience in the industry.

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