It Is Time for Cleaner Air This New Year

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality in 2022

Air quality in a home is important as it surrounds homeowners. When a home's air quality is poor, it can affect its allergies and skincare. It is important to maintain air quality by making a few changes and enacting preventative techniques in homes.

Change Air Filters At Least Every 1-3 Monthsair filter

Air filters need to be changed every 1-3 months. Although some homeowners don't know this, dirty air filters fill the air with dust and debris. If a heater maintenance technician does not change the air filter frequently, it will only drag the dust and dirt into the air. Usually, homeowners change air filters once every three months.

However, it is important to know that some factors can weigh in and change the number of times homeowners should change an air filter a year. For instance, homes with furry pets need an air filter change once a month or more. This is especially true about homes that have dogs that shed frequently.

For homeowners that use their systems frequently, it may be necessary to change the air filter at least once a month. The more energy the system takes to cool or warm homes, the more dust and debris trapped in the filter.

air purifierUtilize an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are also convenient options for people looking into improving their overall air quality. All air purifiers work virtually in the same way. These purifiers use light waves and magnets to remove toxins and mold from the 'dirty' air. There are larger devices that homeowners can place and install in a central area. If homeowners want something to travel with, there are portable devices. These devices can use batteries to power on.

Whole-home air scrubbers are growing in popularity! Instead of being a separate device that homeowners can install throughout their home, the air scrubbers are inside of the AC unit. It runs air through various cycles to filter out any dust, dirt, and debris.

Don't Forget Routine Cleaning

The more that homeowners keep their homes clean, the less accumulation of dust and dirt. The indoor air quality cannot improve if the inside is not clean and free from dust and mold. Although there is nothing wrong with a little bit of dust in the morning, it should not affect someone's life and cover surfaces.

Once this occurs, the dust and dirt are also in the air. Homeowners can breathe in toxins, mold, and dust. Although there are many tools you can use to keep your home clean, it is good to regularly use a broom or vacuum. If homeowners have pets and are concerned about the air quality because of their pet fur and dander, they can purchase a large, easy-to-use vacuum with extra strength. The same goes for any job that brings in dirt and dust.

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