Why Give Thanks for HVAC Technicians

The Services Heating and Cooling Technicians Provide Are Easy to Be Thankful For 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means a lot of different things to homeowners. It means that the weather is turning colder and heaters are getting more and more use. It also means that homeowners are thinking about all those things that they’re grateful for. After all, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. And HVAC technicians — and the working HVAC systems they facilitate — are pretty easy to be thankful for. They keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, they keep indoor air quality healthy. Read on to learn what HVAC experts do to make life easier for homeowners. 

Keeping Homes Toasty in the Wintercold

Homeowners that have experienced a broken heater in the middle of winter know how miserable it can be to not have heat in the house. Not only can a broken heater expose homeowners to freezing temperatures, but it can also end up causing other problems, like burst pipes. This is why furnace maintenance is key to staying comfortable during the winter months. 

Heating service includes several things that help keep the heater running. These things include checking the heat exchanger for damage, inspecting and cleaning the blower, checking the vent system for blockages, inspecting the thermostat, examining belts, and checking on the burner and flame sensor, to name a few. Yearly furnace maintenance also helps to ensure that the system enjoys a long life and runs efficiently. 

Keeping Homes Nice and Cool in the Summerhot

The air conditioner is a different system that helps keep the home cooler in the summer months. Therefore, HVAC techs use a slightly different set of skills to check the AC-specific system to ensure it functions well during the warm months. 

AC service includes:

  • Checking the electrical connections
  • Examining the condensate drain
  • Ensuring proper lubrication
  • Fan assessment
  • Air filter changes
  • Inspecting the outdoor unit

AC techs check the thermostat and help ensure that the AC system operates efficiently, which can help save homeowners money on utility bills. 

Protecting Homeowners with Good Indoor Air Quality

Another reason to give thanks to HVAC techs and their service has to do with indoor air quality. Most homes that don’t have regular HVAC maintenance experience poor indoor air quality, which can cause health problems and can be detrimental to the health of those with sensitive lungs. When regular HVAC maintenance is performed by a professional, the system operates more efficiently, and the air filter gets changed when it should. 

Air quality services are important for keeping the air inside as clean as possible. These services include cleaning air ducts, ensuring that volatile organic compound levels are acceptable, and that the air filters in the home are the best for that system and that homeowners know how to ensure the cleanest air possible between visits. 

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