Why You Should Not Attempt DIY Heater Repair

DIY Heater Repair and Maintenance Is Dangerous 

HVAC experts are dedicated to the safety and health of their community. This blog post gives an overview of the dangers of DIY heater repair and maintenance and why one should avoid it. Homeowners may be tempted to try DIY heater repair to save money, but in the long run may spend more when the problem is misdiagnosed, the repair is done improperly, or there is an accident that results in personal injury or property damage.

Professional heating technicians go through years of rigorous training to become licensed and certified in heater repair. Because of the high temperatures and dangerous gases contained within heating systems, it is never recommended for an uncertified technician to attempt DIY home heater repair. Professional heating technicians are equipped with top-of-the-line safety equipment and are protected by insurance in the case of an accident. 

Problem Gets Misdiagnosed 

One of the reasons why it is recommended to trust a professional with heating repairs and maintenance is that they are specially trained in what to look for. During regular heating inspections and heater maintenance appointments, the heating contractor will have a chance to identify small problems before they get out of hand. It takes many years of training to become a heating technician, and one must pass multiple tests to obtain a license. 

The first step to fixing a problem with a heating system is diagnosing the source of the problem. When the homeowner misdiagnoses the problem, they risk wasting time and resources on fixing the wrong part of the system. It is best to leave it up to the professionals to quickly and accurately find the source of the problem and fix it. 

Furnace Repair Takes Longertools

What could be a very quick and simple fix for a trained technician may, on the other hand, take a home DIYer twice as long to complete. Instead of wasting time on shoddy at-home repairs, hiring a professional to get the job done promptly is recommended. 

The technician will be able to very quickly find the source of the problem and then repair it, but they also have all the tools available to them to get the job done. Heating technicians use various specialized tools that homeowners will not usually have lying around their garage. 

After adding up the time and money it would take to do a DIY repair, hiring a qualified heating contractor makes a lot more sense to get the job done quickly, safely, and affordably. 



Furnace Safety: Licensing & Insurance

The number one reason why a heating technician will never recommend that a homeowner attempts at-home DIY heater repair is that it is a huge safety risk. Heating contractors need to use various protective equipment while on the job. Homeowners may not be aware of the risks of DIY heater repair or may not have the appropriate safety equipment to get the job done safely. 

Heating contractors will bring the appropriate clothing such as overalls, gloves, non-slip shoes, and masks to protect themselves during the repair. They may also need goggles and ear protection while using power tools. Heating technicians are rigorously trained in safety protocols for the repair to go smoothly. In the rare case of an accident, all licensed HVAC contractors must have business insurance that protects them and the homeowner financially from bodily injury or property damage. 

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