Prepare Your HVAC System for Hurricane Season

September 12, 2019

As anyone who lives in Charleston knows, hurricane season can really hit home. Not only are they extremely dangerous, they are highly destructive to your home and your HVAC system. Although you already have an action plan in place that includes flashlights, storm-proofing and having enough non-perishable foods on hand, do you have any idea how to protect your HVAC if a hurricane hits? To keep you and your family safe, prepare your HVAC Charleston, SC system for the stormy season ahead.

The Calm Before the Storm

When it comes to protecting your assets against a hurricane, prevention is key, even for your HVAC system. Since you have a lot invested in your HVAC units, take the right precautions to protect them when a storm hits. Not having things under wraps can end up costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars if you need to replace or repair your unit. Before the storm:

Make sure that you schedule your regular maintenance so you know that things are working in top shape. A technician can help to uncover any vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. And they can also guide you on how best to keep things covered and protected.

If it is hot outside before the storm is set to hit, make sure to cool your house down as much as possible. You will not be able to use your air conditioning for a while if your power goes out. And if you have a window AC unit, remove and unplug it before you seal the exterior of your home to shield it against a hurricane storm.

Secure your AC unit or any other exposed HVAC components to their base using a hurricane-approved strap or a cage. And tarp your unit so that it won’t get hit by any falling debris or objects that can do some major damage.

Remove any existing items around the HVAC unit so that they won’t damage the AC if the winds kick into high gear. Also, check for any branches or limbs that might break off and hit hard.

Consider purchasing a generator, in case you have to go without electricity.

When the Storm Hits

When the storm is in full swing, make sure to turn off any circuit breakers that service your HVAC system to prevent a power surge.

After Things die Down

Once the storm has passed:

Check outdoor equipment to make sure that there isn’t any damage to the unit like dings or dents. If there is damage, document it immediately, in case you have to make a homeowner’s claim. Also, make sure to remove anything that is impeding the AC unit before you turn it back on. Otherwise, debris can get sucked into the coils and lead to damage.

Put your AC unit back in the window. If you have any flooding around your property, especially around the AC unit, do not restore power to it unless you have a trained technician inspect it. Call a HVAC Charleston, SC specialist at Carney and Son to inspect the area for any hidden dangers.

It is important to be aware of outdoor conditions to protect your AC unit and any other HVAC equipment from outdoor elements, especially when a storm is approaching. Also, during hurricane season, do a clean sweep to inspect and make sure everything is running properly. But when you have been alerted of a storm, take the necessary precautions to keep both your HVAC and your family, safe from danger. And after the storm hits, contact Carney and Son to help with any problems that you might have related to the hurricane.

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