Prepare Your HVAC for Winter

August 21, 2019

Although the heat is still streaming full force in the Charleston area, soon enough the cold air will be rushing in, and residents will start switching their air conditioning to heat. To make sure that your heat will be ready to go when the time comes, take the time now to perform these standard maintenance checks. Being proactive is imperative to keep the heat flowing, and also, to extend the life of your furnace or heat pump. Now is the time to contact Carney & Son for your heating and air Charleston, SC maintenance!

Change Air Filters

Air filters are the first line of defense that you have to stop dirt and debris from caking your ductwork and reducing airflow. They are also an excellent way to increase the air quality of your home. Frequent changing of your air filters is essential to reduce energy costs and help your furnace work optimally. They will also help to reduce excess wear and tear that can shorten the lifespan of your heating unit.

Cleaning Air Ducts and Vents

Although air filters help to reduce small particles from making their way into your ductwork where they can become trapped, they aren’t 100% effective. If you haven’t had your ductwork professionally cleaned, now is a perfect time before the heat begins to add moisture to the mix. By cleaning out your vents and ducts, you will not only help to reduce allergens from circulating the home, you will also prevent things like mold growth. And when your ducts and vents are free of debris, there is more air circulation, which helps to cut energy costs.

Reprogram the Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, make good use of it to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Reducing the set temperature just a degree or two can significantly save you money. And although 75 degrees might have felt comfortable in the summertime, it is too warm for the winter. Try to keep the temperature around 70 during the day, and when no one is around, keep your home about 65 degrees. If you turn it down too low when you aren’t around, you might be working against yourself. The energy that it takes to “catch up,” might do away with your best efforts at reducing energy costs.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Your furnace or heat pump works best when it is clean and oiled properly. Regular maintenance is not only imperative to prevent an expensive repair call, it is also an excellent way to reduce energy costs. And it will help to extend the lifespan of your unit. Instead of waiting to make a call when the temperatures turn colder, get a jump now so you won’t be left in the cold waiting for an appointment.

Although winter might seem a long way away, it is right around the corner. Preparing your heating system now is the best way to ensure that everything will be running in top shape when you need it to be.

Contact Carney & Son to schedule your routine maintenance today and ensure that your system is running optimally all year round.

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