Need Your Ductwork Cleaned? We Can Help!

If your central air conditioning and heating system is like the heart of your home, then the ducts that connect it to each of the various rooms might as well be the veins and arteries. You depend on the ducts in your home to effectively transport the conditioned air throughout your home to keep you comfortable, whether it’s in the heat of summer of the dead of winter. However, like the rest of your system dust and other deposits can collect in your ducts, causing it to continuously swirl throughout your home, aggravating allergies, triggering asthma, and much more.

When this is the case, you should have a professional Charleston HVAC services team come out to your home and clean your ducts! This is a fairly simple service, requiring just a few hours, but the benefits can be numerous. Let’s look closer at this procedure, including how it works, what equipment we use, and why you should schedule a duct cleaning service today!

How Are Ducts Cleaned?

There are two ways to clean ductwork; forced air and suction; Carney & Son 72 Degrees uses the latter. We service your duct system using the best duct cleaning machine on the market: the BRUSH BEAST™ by RotoBrush International.

The BRUSH BEAST™ is essentially a huge vacuum cleaner with an agitator attached to the end of the hose that spins while simultaneously sucking in the dirt, dust, and debris that it knocks loose. Your service technician feeds the tube into your vent, then turns the machine on. The agitator brush spins rapidly to dislodge all of the buildup in your duct system, even buildup that has become stuck or accumulated due to moisture. (We have different-sized agitators that our technicians can swap in and out allowing us to clean all sizes of ductwork and dryer vents.)

The dislodged dust and dirt is then sucked into the vacuum, where it’s deposited into an industrial-strength filter bag, where it can easily be disposed of after the job has been completed. And just to make sure none of that nasty dust and residue gets released into your home, the unit comes equipped with a large HEPA filter to make sure all exhaust air that enters your home is clean and safe to breathe.

Check out this video to see a demonstration of the BRUSH BEAST™ in action!

Our process is extremely thorough. Depending on how many vents you have, it takes anywhere between 4-6 hours to clean all supply vents, supply trunkline(s), and return(s).

Why Clean Your Ducts?

While each home is different, no home is immune from factors that lower air quality, including dust, allergens, pet hair, smoke (from cigar or cigarette smokers), or even water contaminants. While nearly everybody will suffer from bad air, those with severe allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues could face serious hardship if the air quality in their home is poor. Dust and other debris in your ducts will continually be recirculated throughout your home, meaning this problem won’t go away by simply changing your air filter.

Your HVAC system itself will also benefit from a duct cleaning. Dirty ducts send dust and other particles to your condenser coil, where they can get stuck to the coil itself. Over time, moisture condenses onto this dust, which then freezes under repeated or continual use. One drop of frost then slowly builds up until your entire coil is frozen over, along with your blower motor, resulting in major damage or total failure of your air conditioner (yes, even in the hottest days of summer).

Keep It Clean

Once your ductwork system is clean, you will probably want to keep it that way. To keep it in pristine condition we suggest having an AirOasis: Bi-Polar® Plasma Air Cleaner installed at the completion of cleaning. This little device mounts inside of your HVAC equipment and uses positively and negatively charged ions to neutralize odors and improve air quality. It also attacks & breaks down DNA, which eliminates mold, bacteria, & viruses. This system also attaches positive and negative ions to airborne particles, weighing them down and ultimately making them drop out of the air.

If you’re located in Charleston or surrounding areas and need your duct system cleaned, call a professional HVAC technician, not a carpet cleaning specialist who isn’t familiar with how HVAC systems work. Instead, schedule an appointment with Carney & Son 72 Degrees! While our technician is onsite, be sure to ask about some of the indoor air quality products we offer! All our technicians are licensed, drug tested, and professionally trained to ensure you receive the top-quality service you have come to expect from our family-owned and operated business!

How can Carney & Son 72 Degrees help you today? Call us at to schedule an appointment or receive a service estimate!

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