How Our AC Repair Team Keeps Your Temperature Just Right and Your Comfort Perfect | Charleston, SC


Balance and Reliability in Your HVAC System Keep Your Air Quality Consistently High

Keeping your cooling system focused on the perfect temperature, humidity, and air quality take a lot of work behind the scenes. At Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, we’ve been doing intelligent AC repair and maintenance for our Charleston, SC clients for over 30 years. From your cooling unit to your air distribution, every component of your HVAC system carries its share of the load. If the fans aren’t up to the job or the ducts are obstructed, the compressor works harder for the same end result. When we perform AC repair and maintenance work, we think of the whole picture and make sure that your system is running smoothly, including changing filters and cleaning ducts.

System Capacity Keeps It Resilient and Responsive

An important part of your AC system is the performance of your cooling unit. Not just its ability to cool, but its ability to supply enough cooling to bring your home to the target temperature in a timely fashion, and keep it there consistently. Just like with a car engine, if your cooling system can’t keep up, it can get overworked and require more frequent AC repair. As your system gets older, especially if it hasn’t received the maintenance and cleaning that keeps it efficient, it can have lower performance than when it was new. In fact, a key part of designing an efficient cooling system is making sure the capacity is right for your home.

Air Distribution Manages Your Whole-House Comfort

One of the challenges we enjoy meeting is ensuring that your home’s comfort level is consistent throughout. When the cooled air is distributed effectively and managed properly by your temperature control system, you’ll have few if any warm spots or cool spots, just consistent comfort. In many older homes, there is only one temperature control, so only one place in your home is sure to be the right temperature. If your thermostat is in a living room that has little sun, your sunny bedrooms will be warm. Your basement may be overwhelmed with cool air and be quite chilly. If you’ve found yourself closing or blocking vents to manage your home’s temperature, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

In the Zone Means Evenly Cooled

These days, there are ways to better manage your overall comfort level. One of the most effective is a zoned system that divides the ducting to distribute cool air in several zones. Separate fans and thermostats complete each zone, allowing the temperature in each part of your home to be managed separately. You can also use thermostat technology to intelligently manage each zone, leaving the basement untouched unless you’re down there, for example, and letting the bedrooms warm up during the day when they’re not in use. When you manage the temperatures, you also manage the demand on your cooling unit and reduce the need for AC repairs since it works less hard when it doesn’t have to cool the whole home all the time. When you divide into zones, you also avoid the blasts of cool air that single-zone systems tend to produce as they direct cool air to the entire house.

Temperature and Humidity Management Work Together

Along with temperature, humidity plays an important role in your comfort. Our AC repair team often upgrades systems with dehumidifiers for the summer that take some moisture out of the air to help the cool air feel even more comfortable. We can install thermostats that also sense and control humidity, providing an extra degree of comfort that you’ll appreciate, especially if you come in from an especially hot and humid Charleston, SC day outside. The thermostats we recommend also manage temperature using various factors from simple time-based settings according to your daily habits, to more adaptable devices. Some even remember how you prefer your comfort and adjust, often anticipating the comfort level you’ll need and getting the system to work cooling to your preferred temperature before you arrive.

Smart Home Technology Is a Big Part of HVAC Systems These Days

Whether you have a basic smart thermostat or one integrated into your smart home controls, adding convenience often adds efficiency. Even voice control, through wall-mounted panels and kitchen devices or your smartphone app, can help you set your climate controls just the way you like them. Our AC repair team can help integrate with your smart home provider. Once you’re updated, if you have seniors at home who need a cool environment, smart systems can send you an alarm if something’s wrong and your home is warming up. You can then call our AC repair team to meet you and see what’s wrong. Smart home providers can integrate your HVAC system controls with external factors such as weather reports and forecasts, automatic shades and curtains, and occupancy sensors to “tune” your system for well-balanced performance.

Air Quality Features Add an Important Touch

In addition to humidity, many people are sensitive to air quality. We can perform periodic duct cleaning to ensure you’re not recirculating dust, and install HEPA filters and other air quality upgrades to ensure that your air is high-quality.

Maintenance Keeps Your System Reliable and Ready to Handle High-Demand Days

Much of our seasonal maintenance schedule is ensuring that your system is running smoothly and not working against dirty condenser coils, poorly lubricated fan motors, or dirty air filters. When we maintain your HVAC system, it also gives us a chance to catch the need for AC repairs before the system breaks down.

Let Our Team Fine-Tune Your HVAC System and Handle Your AC Repairs

We love to keep your home environment comfortable. Call Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating for intelligent, experienced, and well-balanced heating and cooling that will keep you comfortable at the right price, year-round. We look forward to meeting you.

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