Finding The Right HVAC Company For Your Home | Charleston, SC


Why is finding the right HVAC company more important in the summer months? During the hot sunny season of the year, the air is humid, and people are subject to upper respiratory infections, allergies, and heat exhaustion. With the weather being such as it is during this time of the year, keeping cool becomes a priority. A broken air conditioner is not effective in keeping out the heat until it is operating at its full capacity. At Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, we rise to the occasion, when we are called upon. Not only do we offer air conditioning services, but we also offer heating services for the winter months. We have been serving our community for more than 50 years. Since we are a family-owned business, we understand the need for families to protect their health and the health of those they care about.

Anyone suffering from an illness that requires them to be in a cool or heated environment should call Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating HVAC company. We are dedicated to serving not only Charleston, SC but the surrounding areas to include Folly Beach, James Island, Johns Island, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Hollywood Ravenel, West Ashely, Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, Daniel Island, Goose Creek, and Summerville.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve residential and commercial customers. It may seem like your heating or cooling unit breaks down at the most inconvenient time. You might be in the middle of planning a party, celebrating a promotion, or just looking to spend a nice evening relaxing in the air conditioning. When your unit stops working, all your plans go out the window. However, all is not lost. Our HVAC company hires only the best technicians. Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, treat every customer like family and we service all makes and models. Our expert HVAC company team members are trained to repair and replace both new and not so new, heating and cooling units. No job is too small or too large when it comes to providing you with comfort.

Whether you live in a residential home, a condo, an apartment, or a mansion, we can repair your unit. If you suffer from allergies or if you are accustomed to living in a certain temperature-regulated environment, it is more important than ever to get your unit checked.

Listen Out for Potential Problems

Chances are you might hear or observe strange noises or feel a change in your environment. These signs are usually sure to tell signs that something is wrong with your unit, and our HVAC company is the one to call.. Although it is normal for a cooling and heating unit to make some small sounds, loud noises are usually not common. Sounds can tell a lot about what is going on. Nevertheless, we still will not make a diagnosis without properly, and thoroughly, checking out your unit. Therefore, if your unit is experiencing any of these problems, your system needs to be serviced as soon as possible. Now is the time to contact our HVAC company and ask for help.

  • Blowing hot air
  • Not circulating
  • Not cooling the room
  • Making unusual noises
  • Constantly leaking

These are just a few noticeable issues. Not providing interval maintenance on your unit can increase your energy bill. When your heating or cooling unit is not cooling or heating as it should, the internal parts try to compensate for the insufficiency; therefore, causing the unit to work harder. The harder your unit works the more power it pulls, and the higher your energy bill. However, you can avoid spending money unnecessarily, if you call the right people to do the best job.

What Happens If I Ignore a Problem with My Heating and Cooling Unit?

Ignoring an existing problem is a costly mistake. When damaged units are not maintained they tend to cost more to repair. This is due to other elements or parts becoming affected by the malfunction. If problems are caught early, you can save yourself some serious money. There are lots of heating and cooling companies around Charleston, SC. However, not all of them provide excellent service, nor do they repair all makes and models. Why spend money on heating and cooling companies that do not provide the services you need? Give our HVAC company a chance to make you a satisfied customer.

How Do We Find the Problem?

We do not give you a quote until we have performed a thorough inspection of your unit. We have no idea what is wrong with your system until we perform an inspection of your unit. Once we perform the inspection, we can then better diagnose the problem and give you our HVAC company assessment and recommendation. We will point out the issues we find, and advise you on the best option to approach, and inform you of whether your unit is worth repairing or if you need to buy a new one. Once you know which direction to go in, you can then decide on how much money you want to spend.

Most heating and cooling companies do not use the same approach to find the problem. Some may take a shortcut, or insist they know what the problem is before performing an actual inspection. Stay away from companies that want to give you a quick quote without going through the right steps.

What Choose Carney & Son Air Conditioning and Heating

We have a proven reputation of providing the best service to our customers in Charleston, SC, and cities in between. We have the testimonies of hundreds of satisfied customers. We are an HVAC company that answers every call, and we strive to maintain the type of professionalism our customers are accustomed to. We treat your appliances like we treat our own. If you are looking for a company you can trust, and people who care about you and your needs, contact Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating. You can reach us by calling (843) 932-3155. Our experienced technicians are waiting to serve you and give your units the maintenance care they deserve. We will help you to protect your investment and advise you on ways to cut your energy cost.

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