Finding The Best HVAC Company | Charleston, SC


Summers in Charleston, SC are long, hot, and humid. Temperatures often above 90 degrees, meaning It can be a hazardous time for both young and old as well as those with underlying health conditions.

There is an increased risk of heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration, so it is important that everyone is kept cool and safe. Not having your HVAC unit working can be very stressful and potentially very dangerous.

It is vital for people in Charleston, SC. to be able to turn to a reliable HVAC company if anything goes wrong. During an emergency, they turn to Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, the best and most professional HVAC company in town.

Unlike many HVAC Companies, we have technicians ready twenty-four hours a day and every day to answer your call. Carney & Son is your one-stop destination if you need an HVAC company even if it is on a holiday!

Signs That You Need the Services of an HVAC company

Having your HVAC unit regularly serviced by one of our highly trained technicians is strongly recommended by Carney & Son.

This should be carried out at least once a year, as it will help prevent unforeseen problems before they arise. It will also ensure that your HVAC is working safely and more efficiently so reducing your energy bills.

HVAC units are normally very robust, but occasionally they break down requiring an HVAC company to repair them. But there are some warning signs that you should look out for to avoid this.

Coolant Is Leaking

Every HVAC unit needs an optimum level of coolant. Less coolant will mean less cooling and you will notice less cold air coming from your unit and frost and ice starting to form on the evaporator coil. The other components in your HVAC will now have to work harder to keep you cool, and so cause greater wear and tear, reducing the working life of your unit and increasing your energy bills.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Frost and ice can also form on the evaporator coil if there is not enough airflow over it. If you ignore this sign, then the coil can freeze meaning that you will need to turn the HVAC and allow it to thaw. Again, other components will start to work harder, maybe overheating and burning out, needing a visit from an HVAC company.

Dirty air filters and blocked air return grills will also reduce the airflow over the evaporator coil. A dirty air filter will need to be replaced and the air grilles cleaned. Not only will the airflow improve but so will the air quality in your home as less dirt and pollen will enter.

The evaporator coil will need cleaning periodically too. Dirt will build up over time and act as an insulating material, reducing the heat transfer between the warm air and coil. Regular service from Carney & Son will help prevent these problems.

Dirty Condenser and Cooling Fins

The condenser and cooling fins also need plenty of air to flow over them to radiate the excess heat from your home to the outside air. As they are located outside, they will get coated with a layer of dirt and grime. This layer reduces the transfer of heat to the outside air and will result in the condenser having to work harder and may cause it to overheat and burn out. Regular cleaning is a good idea, so is removing any moss and weeds from around the condenser and fins. This is a job you can do yourself avoiding the need for a visit from an HVAC company.

Damaged Air Ducts

It has been estimated that up to 30 percent of an HVAC’s energy is wasted by cool/warm air escaping through gaps in damaged ducts. So, a regular inspection of the ducts can save you a lot of money.

How Old Is Your HVAC Unit?

The old saying that “nothing lasts forever” applies to HVAC units. Most HVAC units will need replacing after 10 to 15 years. A new HVAC will not be cheap but will pay for itself over time because they are more energy-efficient than older models, saving you on costly energy bills. As time goes by it will become harder and harder to find replacement parts especially if the model is no longer made. Older models may still be using Freon (R22) as coolant. Chemical manufacturers are not allowed to produce new R22 coolants, and only recovered or recycled R22 can be used and will mean obtaining Freon will also become more difficult and expensive.

Problems with the Furnace

The furnace is the largest component in your HVAC system and has a fan that draws fresh air from the outside into a combustion chamber. In the chamber, it is mixed with gas or other fuel, burns, and releases heat.

If gas is used, then the air vents to the outside need to be checked frequently to ensure they are not blocked. Fresh air is needed for the combustion, and any exhaust gases produced also need to be removed outside. A furnace also needs a filter to remove pollutants, and this will need regular changing.

Charleston’s Best HVAC Company

We at Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating have been serving the surrounding community and further afield in SC for over 30 years. As a family-run company, we are aware of the stress caused when an HVAC breaks down.

We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service for all our customers and will give you the peace of mind needed with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. If you have an emergency, we will respond quickly to your call and have your HVAC back up and running ASAP. Our vans carry a complete range of spares for the most common HVAC models.

Your family’s safety is our main concern and living without a working HVAC unit would be unthinkable for most people. So, whatever your HVAC problem, call the best HVAC company in Charleston, SC Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating.

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