Ductless Mini-Split System and Cooling


Ductless mini-split systems have come a long way over the past decade. And although they used to be an alternative in situations where ducts were problematic, their upgrades, efficiency, and flawless nature are making them a viable choice for homes everywhere. Which begs the question, “is a ductless mini-split a good idea for your home?”.

The Advantages of a Ductless System

A ductless air conditioner or heat pump usually comes as a wall-mounted unit that can be used anywhere without the need for an outdoor air compressor. It is typically used in situations as an alternative to a window air conditioning system or baseboard heating, like in a home remodel. Unlike window units, the advantage that a ductless system has is that it requires nothing more than a tiny hole drilled directly into the wall. That makes it more airtight and doesn’t open people up to security problems. Ductless systems are also not such an eyesore, and they run much more quietly than their window unit counterparts.


Ductless mini-split system and cooling units are also much more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than systems that require ductwork. Since the air doesn’t have to travel from the cooling system to the room via ducts, it cuts down on energy waste. Also, they have inverter-driven compressor systems that adjust by speeding up and slowing down according to conditions. So instead of completely shutting down and starting back up like traditional HVAC compressor units, it is a much more efficient operating system. If you purchase a ductless mini-split system for cooling, you can save as much as 30% on your monthly heating and cooling bills. And you may qualify for a local or federal tax credit or incentives.

The Disadvantages of a Ductless System

Ductless mini-split systems have a lot of advantages, but they do not come without any drawbacks. The cost of a ductless system is a more significant investment upfront. They can sometimes cost two to three times more than baseboard heating or window unit alternatives. And when you choose to switch over to a ductless system, you can expect to pay two to three times the cost of simply replacing what you already have. But with the energy savings that you will gain, over time, that investment will come back tenfold.


Although ductless systems have come a long way, they still hang on the wall. So unlike ductless systems that you can’t see, a mini-split will be visible. But the newer units come in various colors so that you can try to make them a bit more inconspicuous. And if you find a reasonable place to hang them, they are less noticeable than you think.

Regular Maintenance

The regular maintenance on a ductless system is a little more than you get with traditional duct systems. You have to clean the fans, especially if you have pets, to keep their energy efficiency high. And also, to avoid a costly repair and excessive wear and tear, be forewarned; if you fail to keep the maintenance up, it can be expensive.

What are the Ideal Situations Where Ductless Systems are a Clear Choice?

There are situations where a ductless system is a clear choice, and others, like in whole house cooling, where the decision is not so clear.

New Additions, Sunrooms or Bonus Rooms

When you add on to your home with additional rooms, running the ductwork might not make sense. For rooms that you only use occasionally, like sunrooms, a ductless mini-split allows you to turn the heating and cooling on and off just when you need it. That way, you aren’t spending money on spaces that aren’t in use. Although ductless isn’t a cheap alternative, sometimes it is far more economical than running ductwork from one end of the house to the next.


Downsizing Larger Homes

Once you have an empty nest, it doesn’t make much sense to heat and cool a house where several rooms are not being occupied. If you use a ductless system, you can zone off areas to be warmed and cooled for more control and lower energy costs.

Make Everyone Happy

If you have family members who are constantly fighting over what temperature is most comfortable, a ductless mini-split allows them to control their environment independent from one another. That means everyone can live in a comfortable environment. And it also means less up and down of the thermostat, which can put excessive wear and tear on it!

Reduce Cold Spots

For some homeowners, various rooms simply can’t be heated and cooled consistently. If you have rooms where the heating and cooling doesn’t reach, a ductless mini-split is an excellent choice to cut down on energy efficiency and to keep all things tepid.

Finding a Reputable Ductless Mini-Split and Cooling Contractor

Ductless mini-splits are an excellent alternative to traditional HVAC duct systems, but only if they are installed correctly. Knowing what type of system will work best, how large you need it to be, and how to install it expertly, are all essential to ensure that you are making a wise investment.

The experts at Carney & Son are leaders in the industry because we have the best trained technicians who know how to ensure that your ductless mini-split investment is a sound choice. And also, it continues to save you money! Contact us today for an evaluation!

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