Back to School, Back to Cool with Carney & Son AC in Charleston

August 18, 2017

Have you and your family been feeling beat by the summer daze and heat in Charleston and Johns Island? Now that it is back to school time again, we can all start looking forward to some slightly cooler days. To make certain your home is ready for the “winter” in Charleston, you should consider how to get your own home “back to cool” before another heat wave rolls over the region.

At Carney & Son 72 Degrees, our Johns Island AC technicians are here to help you get your household fully prepared for the fall, cool, and comfortable again. Is your current air conditioner as old as your house? Does it take a while for the temperature to drop even one degree after you switch your AC on? Maybe your home’s equipment is still using outdated R-22 Freon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have a service that can help!

Ask our team about how the following services can you back to cool:

  • AC installation: In order to get “back to cool” as your kids go back to school, you might need to install an entirely new system into your home. Our Johns Island AC techs have the tools and experience needed to complete the job as soon as possible.
  • AC replacement: Old AC systems might just not be enough to keep up with the lingering summer heat. Consider replacing specific parts of the system for key upgrades, or swapping out an entire system with our help.
  • AC repair and maintenance: We often recommend starting your AC service work with maintenance and inspection. It is possible that our Charleston HVAC specialists can make a few repairs to get your system up and running again. If it is working efficiently, let us perform routinely scheduled maintenance to ensure your AC stays A+.
  • Ductless mini split projects: Many homeowners in Charleston and Johns Island are switching to alternative ductless mini split units for heating and cooling needs. We would be happy to explain to you how this can help you go “back to cool” while also making your AC system more energy-efficient.

No matter what needs to be done to push away the summer heat, you can confidently lean on our Charleston air conditioner technicians for competent, friendly, and efficient service. Carney & Son 72 Degrees is a third-generation, family-owned business known for getting the job done right the first time and offered at competitive prices. Check out our coupon catalogue to see if any apply to your AC, heating, or HVAC project. You can also contact us directly to speak with a member of our team about fantastic service deals at the tail-end of summer.

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