How to Prevent Wear and Tear and Avoid Costly AC Repair in Charleston SC

February 28, 2019

Avoid Costly AC Repair in Your Charleston SC Home With These Tips

Have you ever noticed that things only seen to break down on Sunday at 2 am? Making a call for your AC Repair & Maintenance is never fun. But making an emergency AC repair call can really set you back.

To make sure that your AC is working properly to keep you cool and to extend the life of your unit, it is important to take these simple steps to help it out. After all, if you treat your AC unit well, it will return the favor!

Have Your AC Maintained Per Manufacturer’s Specifications

All air-conditioning units come with scheduled maintenance recommendations. Although it is labeled as a “recommendation,” the truth is that it is essential. Maintenance helps to keep your air conditioner clean, the fan running optimally, and makes sure that it is well-oiled. If you keep it clean and in good shape, you can reduce the wear and tear and extend the life of your air conditioning unit – which means not having the expense of having to replace it! A maintenance call is always much less expensive than an AC repair one!

Change Your Air Filters

Although it might not seem like a big deal, changing your air filters is a major part of preventing excessive wear and tear on your AC unit! The air filter works by reducing the number of small particles that can make their way into your ductwork. When debris does make its way in, it cakes the walls of your HVAC system and makes your air conditioner work much harder than it has to. So to extend your air conditioner’s life, change filters often to keep things flowing optimally!

Consider Having Your Ductwork Professionally Cleaned

No matter how often you change your air filters, debris and dust still make their way into the system over time. When they do, they can gum things up, cause mold issues, and reduce the air quality in your home. And as mentioned before, they make your air conditioner work harder to cool things down. If your air conditioner pushes harder, then it is not only increasing your energy bills – it is going to shorten the life of your appliance eventually. If you haven’t had your ductwork professionally cleaned in a while – or at all – it might be something you want to do for your family’s health – and for your air conditioner’s, too.

Give It Room to Breathe!

The fan on the air conditioner is there to cool things down so that the motor doesn’t overheat. Unfortunately, when the unit is outdoors and surrounded by shrubbery, dust and debris, it is easy for the fan to become full of things. To keep your air conditioning working as effortlessly as possible, do manual checks of the area around the unit to make sure that nothing is getting caught up in the fan. Also, ensure that your unit is clear of obstacles and debris.

AC repair calls can be costly. To prevent making an AC repair (Charleston, SC) call this spring, take a little extra time to give your air conditioning the attention that it needs. If you do, then you are less likely to have to make that 2 am Sunday emergency call! But if you do have to make a repair call, make sure to Contact us Carney and Son.

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