AC Not Working? Here’s What’s Wrong And Why You Need AC Repair | Charleston, SC

Most Charleston, SC, homeowners take amenities such as air conditioning for granted because, for the most part, these things seem to always work. However, there’s no worse feeling than turning on the AC on a hot day only to realize you’re not getting any cold air in your home. It’s your job as a homeowner to make sure you’re keeping up with maintenance so you don’t have to pay for frequent AC repairs. If your AC isn’t working all of a sudden, here’s what could be wrong.

Dirty Air Filter

The most common AC problem is probably a dirty air filter. Every air conditioner has an air filter built in that’s designed to remove particles such as dust and dirt from the air before it gets to your home. While these air filters do a great job of keeping the air in your home clean, a dirty air filter can cause major problems when it comes to airflow.

In order to keep the air in your home clean and avoid repair calls, you should change your air filter at least once every six months. However, that’s the recommendation for single-person households; if you have pets or live with others, you should change your air filter once every three months. If you have pets and a family, you should change your air filter every month or so.

It’s also important to remember that air filters aren’t all the same. If you want better air filtration, buy an air filter with a higher MERV rating. Some AC experts recommend using a HEPA filter, although you should talk with a professional before making that decision on your own.

Bad Thermostat

Sometimes a problem with your AC doesn’t have much to do with your AC at all. If your AC isn’t cycling on when it should or isn’t keeping your home at the right temperature, your problem could be due to a bad thermostat. If you’re having trouble pinning down an AC problem, ask an AC repair expert to check if your thermostat is accurate and try calibrating it.

Your thermostat is what tells your AC when it’s time to cycle on to maintain a comfortable temperature. If your thermostat thinks it’s several degrees colder than it actually is in your home, it’s going to shut your AC off before your home reaches your set temperature. While this can be fixed by recalibrating your thermostat in some cases, you can have an AC repair expert install a new thermostat for a reasonable amount of money, plus you can upgrade to a smart thermostat.

Refrigerant Leaks

When you think about it, it’s pretty incredible that your AC can generate cold air even when temperatures reach the triple digits. Unfortunately, that cold air isn’t the result of magic, but science. In order for your AC to cool your home, it needs to have plenty of refrigerant inside.

Like any kind of liquid, refrigerant has the potential to leak out of your AC. This is a big problem for two reasons: refrigerant is dangerous and it will result in a lack of cooling power. If you notice something leaking from your AC and it’s not water, call an AC repair expert instead of dealing with it on your own.

Remember that your AC also creates condensation, so that may be the liquid you’re seeing leaking out of your AC unit. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to dealing with refrigerants, especially with older AC units in Charleston, SC.

Drainage Problems

While it’s normal to have a little bit of moisture in and around your AC unit, there shouldn’t be a puddle of water on the ground around it. If you notice a musty smell coming from your AC or there’s an abnormal amount of water around it, that could be a signal that you’ve got a drainage problem.

When your AC creates condensation, it has to send all that moisture somewhere. This condensation collects in the condensation drain pan, where it’s then routed through a line away from the AC unit. If this line is clogged, you need to have an AC repair professional get it unclogged for you.


Coils are another important part of how your air conditioner works, and they’re one of the things you have to stay on top of when it comes to AC maintenance. Coils can get dirty and corrode with time, but they’re essential to the cooling of your home. You should have your coils cleaned on a regular basis so you don’t allow too much dirt and grime to build up on them. Make sure you call an AC repair expert to have your condenser coils cleaned once a year and your evaporator coils cleaned every three years.

Breakers and Fuses

If your air conditioner won’t turn on at all, that’s a sign that there may be an electrical problem preventing your AC unit from getting power. An AC repair professional can take a closer look at your AC to figure out what the problem is, but it could be that you need to call an electrician for the actual fix. If your AC is turning on and running but isn’t cooling your home, chances are you don’t have a problem with a breaker or fuse.

Get Your AC Fixed Today

Taking care of your HVAC system means getting professional help for routine maintenance and regular repairs. As a homeowner, you need to keep your eyes peeled for any developing problems and call an AC repair expert if you notice something amiss.

The good news is, keeping your AC in good shape isn’t too difficult. Whether you need AC repair or maintenance, you can count on Carney & Son 72 Degrees to do the job right and on time. If you want to make sure your AC is fixed up and ready to go for the summer, call 843-242-7065 to schedule an appointment today.

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Common Signs It Is Time To Call For AC Repair | Charleston, SC

The temperatures may be cool now, but within just a few months the heat of the summer sun will be back in full action. Now is a good time to learn the signs that you need AC repair so that you don’t have to worry about baking in the hot sun. Winter is actually a great time to have a repair technician come out to your home to inspect your AC so that you can rest assured your unit will be more than ready to take on the heat.

Acting proactively helps save you the stress of finding yourself with an AC repair emergency. Most systems give plenty of signs before they quit, so if you know what those signs are you can take appropriate action. Unsure of what they are? This is a quick overview of some of the most common signs that it is time for AC repair. Commit them to memory so you don’t miss them if your AC system starts to malfunction.

Warm Air Is Coming Out of Your Air Vents

As the weather starts to get warmer you will probably be happy to turn on your AC, but if you notice that warm air is coming out of your vents you may have a problem. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you turned your thermostat to cool and not fan. A lot of people make this mistake initially when they are done heating their homes, but if that isn’t the issue, then you probably are going to need to seek out some help from a trained AC repair technician.

There are several things that could be causing the issue. First of all, it is possible that something is wrong with your compressor and therefore the air is not being cooled. It is possible you have an issue with your ductwork that may be allowing air to be pulled in from a hot space in your home like the attic. It also might mean that your system needs to have its refrigerant refilled. Unfortunately, the refrigerant is something that is heavily regulated and you will need the help of a registered and certified HVAC professional in Charleston NC.

No Airflow at All

On the other hand, if you turn on your air conditioning and air does not come out of your vents at all you have a very different problem. If the flow is weak or you can hardly feel it your system will not be able to cool your home effectively. Usually, this problem is attributed to the air ducts or the compressor, but you will need an HVAC tech to inspect your system and isolate the actual problem.

Odd Odors Are Coming Out of Your Vents

It is normal for an odd smell to waft out of your air ducts the first time your HVAC system kicks in, but the smell should fade away after an hour or two. If you are still noticing foul odors then it is time to call for AC repair. Depending on what you are smelling, odors can actually make you sick. They also might be an indication that something is wrong that may cause a safety issue within your home.

For instance, electrical smells could indicate that something is wrong with the wiring. Sometimes over the winter mice and other rodents will burrow into your system and eat the casing off wires which could be what you are smelling. This can be an emergency system since it can cause a house fire, so if you ever smell electrical burning out of your AC or furnace for that matter you need to shut it down right away until an AC repair tech can get out to your home to investigate.

If the smell is musty, this indicates that mold may be growing in your ductwork or within your actual AC system. This is also an issue since the spores will be blown into the air in your home and everyone in your family will be breathing them in. Mold spores have the ability to make people sick, and those with asthma or a weakened immune system can even have an allergic reaction to the presence of mold. At this point, an air duct cleaning service may be a good idea.

Home Humidity Is High

Ideally, if your Ac is working correctly you will not notice humidity within your home. Charleston, SC is known for its hot and humid summers, but you should be able to escape the sticky air if you hang inside your home. If it seems like you are sweaty or uncomfortable within your home then this is a sign your AC is not working properly. Remember, humidity can lead to mildew and mold growth which as we just discussed is potentially harmful to your family. If the humidity seems to hang in the air regardless of how long the AC is on it is time to call for an HVAC repair appointment.

Odd Noises From Your HVAC System

Your AC should never make odd noises. If you are hearing odd noises this is a sign that you need to call for AC repair. Some noises are more urgent than others, but they are all important to pay attention to. A clicking noise means that something may be in the fan of your outdoor unit while clicking from inside may indicate that there is an electrical issue. A banging sound from outside probably means the fan is off base or something has obstructed it while a squealing noise inside probably means that something is wrong with a fan belt.

These are just a few of the many sounds you may hear coming from your AC. If you hear any other or notice the signs above that you need AC repair it’s time to call Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating in Charleston, SC. A family-owned business, Carney & Son has been helping locals for years and would be happy to get to the bottom of your AC trouble.

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9 Myths Your HVAC Company Wants You To Know About | Charleston, SC

There are a surprising number of myths surrounding HVAC systems and services. It can be hard to keep track of what’s right and what’s not, especially if you’re new to the industry. In today’s post, we’ll highlight nine of the most common myths that your local HVAC company wants you to know about. From myths surrounding HVAC maintenance to frequent questions about the services offered by HVAC professionals, we’ll introduce you to them all.

Myth 1: It’s ok to change your filter annually.

Whether you think it’s true or you simply only remember to change your HVAC system’s filters once a year, and you’re hoping it’s true, annual filter changes are common. While it’s possible to change your filter yearly, your HVAC company will recommend filter cleaning and changes at least quarterly in most cases. If your home has many pets, for better results, changing your filter every month to get rid of the built-up dander and pet fur will be better for your HVAC system.

Myth 2: If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Think about the type of maintenance you do on your cars, such as checking the wiper fluid, oil, tire pressure, and fuel top-ups. Think about how much it extends your vehicle’s condition and how you potentially avoid costly repairs by having a regular check-up at the mechanic’s. Your HVAC system also benefits from routine maintenance, such as filter replacements, refrigerant level checks, and duct cleaning. The more you look at your system, the quicker your HVAC company can identify early warning signs and repair them before issues become too severe.

Myth 3: Leaks are easy to find.

Many people assume it’s simple to spot whether your HVAC system is leaking because you’ll notice a puddle of water surrounding your unit. Still, even the most significant leaks can be quite tricky to locate. With HVAC systems, your unit may also be affected by air leaks, meaning there’s not as much cool or warm air circulating throughout your Charleston, SC, home as you’d like. Without some of the state-of-the-art equipment that an HVAC company uses to identify leaks, it can be virtually impossible to locate them, especially if the leak is within interior walls.

Myth 4: Duct tape is suitable for duct leaks.

Despite the name, duct tape is not the best way to temporarily fix a leaking or damaged piece of ductwork while you wait for your HVAC company to attend. There are foil pipe wraps and tapes specially designed for this purpose. Still, your HVAC company will often simply deter you from using the leaking equipment so that you avoid potentially making the issue worse before they can arrive. Likewise, duct tape should not be used to repair chimney flues or any other part of your HVAC system, especially if you put it in a place where the tape can melt and leave a potentially hazardous residue in its place.

Myth 5: Your thermostat is always accurate.

You may be under the impression that because you can detect changes in room temperature throughout your Charleston, SC, home, it means your thermostat is working fine. Your thermostat may be off by a few degrees or more, which can have a surprising effect on the efficiency of your HVAC system. If you believe you see incorrect thermostat readings, check with an HVAC company to locate the issue’s source.

Myth 6: Thermostat placement does not matter.

One of the reasons it’s best not to just rely on your thermostat when you want to heat or cool a space effectively is because you may find that your thermostat is incorrectly located and is offering incorrect temperature readings. Ideally, your thermostat should be out of direct sunlight, in a draft-free location, outside of the kitchen, and located on an interior wall to get the best results. If you think your thermostat needs to be moved, an HVAC company can most certainly arrange for this to happen.

Myth 7: HVAC is the most effective way to control the temperature.

There are, in fact, multiple factors your home should rely on to heat or cool your space most effectively. The right insulation, for example, will help to cut down on heating and cooling costs and put less pressure on your HVAC unit. While an HVAC unit may provide more immediate control over temperature, making sure the home is well-insulated, and you have the right windows installed will help towards making long-term energy efficiency an achievable goal.

Myth 8: Less time on, least energy used.

You may think that if you’ve only got your AC running for 5-10 minutes a day, that you’re using your unit most efficiently and it will require less attention from an HVAC company. However, this isn’t always the case. Hotter days will require your AC to be on longer, so it will naturally use a lot of energy. But it’s important to remember that the power-on cycle also uses up energy, so it can be more beneficial to run for an extended period than stop/start cycles throughout the day.

Myth 9: Bigger is always better.

As with many home appliances, bigger isn’t always better. While you might be tempted to buy the largest unit available for your space, it can be less efficient to do this. A large unit, for example, can be prone to short cycling since it will heat or cool too quickly. One downside of this is you’ll get lower energy efficiency, even if it’s a brand new unit. Oversized units can also struggle to remove humidity, and you may see inconsistent heating or cooling results.

While this list is not exhaustive, it contains some of the most common myths surrounding HVAC units that we’ve heard about while installing, maintaining, and repairing systems throughout the Charleston area. HVAC services provided by Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating can help you to find the right design for your property, install new units, perform regular maintenance, and troubleshoot HVAC issues. If you want to know more about making your HVAC unit more efficient or would like to book a service, contact our friendly technicians by phone or online.

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What To Look For In Air Conditioning And Heating Service | Charleston, SC

When looking for an air conditioning and heating service as a new resident of Charleston, SC, there are things you should know. The information provided here makes fast work of selecting the perfect contractor to work with long-term. When an emergency situation occurs, you don’t do without working heat or air. Instead, you’re comfortable and collected because you know the company that you call will take care of the problem for you in record time.

Choosing a Company That Will Come to Your Home or Apartment Day or Night

This guide is one that benefits homeowners and apartment dwellers alike. It provides valuable insight into the selection process that takes place when hiring a service tech for air conditioning and heating repairs, maintenance, and installations. By the time you’ve finished reading the guide, you’ll know why you made the decision that you did with confidence.

Here is what to look for in air conditioning and heating service:

  • Reliability. You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Air conditioning and heating service companies know this and make themselves readily available for their customers. It’s especially true in the heating and air conditioning industry. Emergencies occur, and customers need help fast. When you learn that you can rely on a company to fix your problem even when it’s outside regular business hours, you’re committed to regularly giving them your business. Knowing that they won’t leave you hanging because they show up on time and ready to work is very reassuring.


  • Punctuality. The air conditioning and heating service industry is notoriously bad about giving its customers a ballpark window of time for arrival. If you don’t have hours to devote to overseeing a repair, you want the company that you hire to be punctual. They should be able to give you a good idea of when they’ll arrive. The least they can do is call you to let you know that they’re in your area, so you’re ready to let them into your house. You can get more done throughout the day because you won’t be surprised suddenly by a company that shows up between the hours of “noon and six.”


  • Transparency. You want to know what a repair or installation will cost you upfront. Having a company that performs air conditioning and heating service that tells it like it is can be advantageous. You’re aware of the problems with your HVAC system and can make the informed decision to repair or replace it. In many cases, the tech will give you the advice that saves you the most money. It’s up to you, however, to follow it. Building trust is something that many companies do well. You shouldn’t have to ask multiple times for answers from an air conditioning and heating service provider.


  • Professionalism. The best companies are ones that remain professional through and through. They treat you like a valued customer and never rush you off the phone or ignore your questions when speaking to them in-person. They take time to diagnose the problem, come up with solutions that benefit you, and ask what you would like to do next. They’re kind to your children and pets, too. A professional knows that a satisfied customer is worth its weight in gold. You’ll tell other people about the business and your experience with the technician. Word-of-mouth advertising and referrals help bring business to worthy companies.


  • Knowledgeable. The tech that comes to your home knows the ins and outs of HVAC systems. They get to the root of the problem quickly so that it doesn’t have a chance to worsen in any way. They can explain what the issue is in a way that you understand. You feel good about the interaction because you have a better grasp of what has happened and why it caused your heater or air conditioner to stop working correctly. Having the knowledge helps you avoid similar situations involving your HVAC system. That means fewer repairs and service calls yearly.


  • Solutions-Based. For every problem encountered, there are multiple solutions. The best techs know this and can come up with ways to make jobs more affordable and accessible for you. Rather than give you one option, they try to find several that could meet your needs. They ultimately give you the choice as to which they go with, too. When a tech can problem solve quickly, it’s advantageous for you. They’re able to think outside the box to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. They give you choices that benefit you physically and financially, contributing to how you feel about the service they’ve provided.


  • Friendly. You want to do business with the air conditioning and heating service company because it employs the best technicians. You do not doubt that you made the right decision because of how good it makes you feel to support companies with the best workers. A friendly technician helps ease your worries about an expense. They take the time to give you pointers that could benefit you and your household as you run the heater or air conditioner.

Charleston, SC, has many air conditioning and heating service providers to choose from to date. It can be overwhelming to choose one if you’ve never needed a contractor’s assistance in the past. Learning what makes a technician one that you’ll call again and again helps narrow the selection process. It makes your job of choosing a company to work with in the city fast and easy.

Get the Help That You Need Day or Night with the Right Company Today

Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating is the company to call for air conditioning and heating service. Family-owned for three generations, we take pride in providing value to our customers throughout the area. Get to know us and the many services that we offer to you today.

Call 843-242-7065 with your request for a service call day or night. We offer round-the-clock emergency services to meet your needs. We also answer any questions that come to mind in the meantime.

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5 Benefits of Getting An Energy Audit From An HVAC Company | Charleston, SC

An energy audit by the HVAC company can help you understand your home’s energy expenditure and needs. It gives you a more detailed view of your home’s energy usage, so you can figure out whether there are any discrepancies or issues that need to be addressed.

The auditor will first need to examine each room. They use different types of equipment like infrared cameras and even perfluorocarbon tracer gas. They’ll be able to detect where the energy is coming from and where it is going.

If you’ve never gotten an energy audit from an HVAC company before, you might want to consider it. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment because it gives you a different look into your home. You learn a lot about your energy usage and your appliances, particularly your heating and cooling system. This article is going to look at some of the reasons why you should definitely get an energy audit at least once.

#1. Protect Your Bottom Line

Make sure that every dollar that you have works for you by removing anything that’s not necessary. But getting an energy audit, you’re able to easily see whether you’re wasting any energy. For example, your heating system might be left on throughout the entire day even when no one is home. And the situations, and an HVAC company might recommend that you install some type of timer. If not, they might recommend some type of small application that will allow you to turn the heater on and off via your phone.

The energy audit will also tell you whether you have any appliances that are not energy efficient. These appliances may be using up too much energy to produce too little results. The HVAC company may recommend that you upgrade some of the parts or even upgrade some of the appliances.

Another thing that an energy audit can tell you is whether there are any unaccounted consumption happening. For example, you may not even know whether there are certain parts or things that are using up a lot of energy.

#2. Increases the Lifespan of Your Equipment

If your HVAC system is running overtime or taking on too large of a load, it will get worn down prematurely. An energy audit will be able to let you know what you can do to increase the lifespan of your equipment. You’ll get more use out of it, and it will also be more energy efficient as well. The value of getting several more years of use out of your equipment could be in the thousands.

On that note, an energy audit can also tell you whether you were doing anything that is causing you to need more repairs and services. By getting an energy audit, you’re also better maintaining equipment, so that you need fewer repairs and other types of services from the HVAC company. This can help you save a substantial amount of money as well. You’ll also find that the maintenance services will do more for your HVAC system.

#3. Reduce Carbon Footprint and Impact

Many homeowners are becoming more and more environmentally conscious nowadays. They may not want to have a large carbon footprint. Unfortunately, many homes use a lot of energy because of their HVAC system. An energy audit can tell you whether there are any ways to reduce the consumption of natural resources. It can also help you reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. Both of these things can reduce your overall carbon footprint.

On a similar note, the energy audit can also tell you whether there is any way that you can reduce the amount of contaminants and pollutants that are produced by your heating system. If your HVAC system is producing a lot of soot or pollutants, the HVAC company may recommend different solutions. In worst case scenarios, the HVAC company may recommend that you simply upgrade to a newer model with more functionalities and features.

Smart appliances and fixtures can make a huge difference. There are also government rebates and programs that can help pay for some of the upgrades that your home may need. You can also ask the licensed HVAC technicians whether there are any deals or promos being offered now. Some technicians may even know whether there are any upcoming deals or discounts.

#4. Improve Quality of Living

If the temperature inside your home fluctuates too much, you may find that your quality of living is greatly affected. This is when you definitely want to call for an energy audit. The energy audit will be able to determine what’s going wrong. By addressing all of the issues that are brought up by the HVAC technician, you’ll be able to greatly improve the quality of living within your home.

Improving the quality of living within your home can also help improve the resale value of your home. You definitely want potential buyers to feel like they can see themselves living in that space. This means that they must also be happy with the energy consumption and usage.

Call Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating for an Energy Audit in Charleston, SC

If you’re interested in getting an energy audit from an HVAC company in Charleston, SC, Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating is the place to go! We are a locally owned, family run HVAC company that’s been around for over 30 years. We are able to address and tackle just about every heating and air conditioning problem out there with ease.

Our team is very passionate about what we do. We are even able to offer an HVAC maintenance program called the comfort club membership. Those who join our program will get special discounts on all types of HVAC services. All of our technicians are licensed, insured and background checked. They receive ongoing, continuous training to ensure that their skills are up-to-date.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today.

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How To Avoid Winter AC Repair Issues | Charleston, SC

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The cold weather is upon us, and while winters here are usually mild, with the most chance of rain and snow not hitting Charleston, SC, until late December, if you’ve got an HVAC system installed, then you might face some issues that result in AC repair.

Many people incorrectly assume that AC repair is less likely in winter because you’re most often using your heating system to blow warm air. However, if you’ve got an HVAC system installed and a prolonged cold front hits SC, you may start to see your HVAC unit struggle to handle the strain of running for more extended periods at a time. If you haven’t noticed your HVAC system struggling to cope with heating your home, your first clue could be when that expensive energy bill arrives a month later. Running an inefficient system can be quite a costly mistake and one that we hope to help you prevent by detailing some of the most common best practices for avoiding costly errors that lead to repairs.

Ideally, you will have had your furnace, heat pump, or HVAC system tuned-up well before the weather changes. Otherwise, you may find yourself on a waiting list with a ton of other people when you need your HVAC working the most. To avoid major AC repair and increase efficiency:

Clear indoor and outdoor obstructions. All components should be checked periodically to make sure they’re free from obstructions. Blocked ducts mean the AC unit has to work harder to maintain the expected airflow throughout your home. Depending on where your outdoor condenser is located, you might find that leaves, falling ice, or frost could be the cause of obstruction. If you regularly see ice or frost, leaves, and other debris making their way into your condenser unit, think about safe ways to cover it during winter to prevent this from occurring. Breathable material is a must; otherwise, when you start to run your condenser on the other side of winter, you could see mold penetrating your unit and home. Indoor obstructions can be caused by clogged filters and dust and debris built up in the internal duct system. Duct cleaning exercises performed by an AC repair professional can highlight and clear any obstructions, even ones that you were unaware of, and should form part of annual maintenance.

Don’t ignore annual maintenance. There are numerous reasons that HVAC companies recommend spending a little money each year on a yearly maintenance plan. It can help you avoid a costly AC repair bill and full replacements caused by wear and tear that could have been fixed much earlier. Regular maintenance also helps to extend equipment life and maintain its efficiency throughout the year. Ignoring annual maintenance tasks until the following year can potentially lead to an AC breakdown and subsequent repair requirements that can be much more expensive than the initial maintenance bill.

Check appliances near the thermostat. If you’ve got a heater, lamp, TV, or another heat-emitting device near the thermostat, you may find the extra heat can throw your thermostat off by a few degrees. If the thermostat thinks the room temperature is higher than it actually is, you’ll no doubt notice the drop most in winter; when you want your home to be warmer. Ideally, keep your thermostat away from heat-generating objects so that it can record the most accurate temperatures.

Check and change fan rotation. If you’ve got ceiling fans installed in your Charleston home that work in conjunction with your HVAC system to circulate air, it can help to set fans to clockwise rotation in winter as this helps to create an updraft that forces warm air downwards. In the summer, you obviously want cooled air shifting downwards and warm air drifting upwards, so the opposite rotation should be set.

Change filters as often as needed. One of the leading causes of AC repair is neglected filters. Unfortunately, there’s no concrete timeframe for filter changes, as it depends on the type, filter manufacturer, and other factors. SC homes that have pets or smokers will likely need to change filters more often than homes without.

If you’re looking to upgrade, do duct research. When it comes to HVAC systems, there are many different types of ducts that you could install. If you pick one with the wrong sized air ducts, you could find your HVAC overworks, requiring more AC repair and maintenance throughout the year. Correctly-sized air ducts are not the only consideration; you’ll also need to consider the construction material best suited to your needs. Most commonly, you’ll see sheet metal, fiberglass lined, fiberboard, or flex duct systems installed in SC homes, and the right one for you depends on individual requirements. Fiberboard duct systems, for instance, provide better acoustic insulation and have thermal benefits. Flex duct systems feature flexible plastic covers shaped over metal coils, and they’re one of the most inexpensive and easy to install designs available.

If you find yourself waiting for AC repair every year in Charleston, SC, it may be a sign that your equipment needs an upgrade. Maybe you’ve added an extension to your home, and your system is struggling to cope with increased demand. Perhaps it can just be as simple as your 10-year-old HVAC needs an overhaul as energy-efficiency technology has moved on quite a bit over the last decade. No heating, ventilation, or air conditioning equipment is designed to last forever, after all. The need for AC repair is increasingly likely, the more your unit ages.

At Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, expertise is available year-round to help you get to the bottom of your pesky HVAC issues, even during the coldest, busiest months. As a locally-owned company, we really do know what it takes to install, maintain, and repair all AC units in the Greater Charleston area, and we’re proud to serve our local communities with a wide variety of services. No project is too big or too small for our resident HVAC repair experts. Whether you need a full unit replacement or a minor repair, call us, and we’ll help.

Call Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating For Your AC Repair Needs | Charleston, SC

It can get very hot in Charleston, SC, especially during the summer. This is why it is important to have a functioning air conditioner. However, there are a variety of problems that can come up with an air conditioner and interfere with functioning. When this happens, it can severely detract from your quality of life.

This is why it is good to have a team of talented professionals that are able to handle AC repair such as the ones at Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating.

Common Problems Necessitating AC Repair

There are many different things that can go wrong with an air conditioner, leaving you in dire need of AC repair services.

Low Refrigerant Supply

If you don’t know what refrigerant is, it is what your AC system uses in order to remove humidity and heat from the hair within your building. If there are leaks in the refrigerant lines, the result can be insufficient amounts of refrigerant to be able to cool the air in the building.

You may think that if this is the case, it is simply a matter of replacing and restoring the refrigerant. However, the truth is that it is more complicated than this. If you have this problem, an AC repair professional would need to find the refrigerant leaks and repair all of the holes in the line. This can sometimes take a long time and a lot of money, particularly if there are multiple leaks in the lines.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil in your AC system is full of refrigerant. Its job is to absorb heat from the air in your home. Even though this might not make much sense to you, evaporator coils need some warm air circulating around them in order to function properly.

When there is a problem with the airflow and the evaporator coil becomes too cold, it’s possible for a layer of ice to accumulate on the outside of the coil. When this happens, your air conditioning supply register will either release warm air or no air at all into your home.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Part of the outdoor unit of your AC system includes the condenser coils of the unit. These coils take the hot air that has been removed from your home and exhaust it outdoors. If there is debris, such as grime and dirt, on the condenser coil, it won’t work very well. When this is the case, heat transfer is hindered quite a bit. Your AC unit is going to have to work harder to keep your home cool, which can lead to excessive wear and tear on the components, as well as the failure of the entire system.

Fan Issues

There is a fan within your AC system that blows the air from your home over the evaporator coil of the unit in order to cool the air. There’s another fan that blows air over the condenser of the outdoor unit, in order to eject the absorbed heat in the outdoors.

Sometimes, it will be possible for one or both of these fans to malfunction. This could happen due to insufficient lubrication, a faulty motor, wear and tear on the belts, or an excessive amount of debris. When this happens, you can end up dealing with air conditioner issues, such as poor airflow.

If you neglect the issue when you see it, you can end up with compressor failure. In many cases, this will be the end of your air conditioner, no matter which repair professionals you call in.

Duct Leaks

The ductwork that is located within your ceilings and walls carries cold air from your AC throughout the space in your home. However, if there happened to be cracks or holes in the duct, this cold air will end up somewhere within your walls, where it’s not going to do anything to benefit you. Sometimes, these breaks in the ducts can be caused by careless AC repair technicians or rodents that might get caught in the ductwork.

When this happens, it makes it so that your unit has to work harder to deliver the same amount of cooled air to your home. This will end up raising your energy bills unnecessarily.

Thermostat Issues

Your air conditioner may not be receiving the right directions from the control system if your thermostat is not correctly calibrated. This is more common with older thermostats. You can fix this problem by either recalibrating or replacing the thermostat. If you have one of the new thermostats that are programmable, you need to make sure that you are programming it correctly, since sometimes they can be somewhat tricky. Consult with your manual and make sure that the settings are correct, according to the instructions given. You might be able to do this step without the help of an AC repair professional.

Clogged Drains

Your air conditioner removes quite a bit of moisture from the air in your home. The moisture is supposed to go through a drain line, into a pan, and ultimately down a drain. However, this doesn’t always happen. If the drain or lying is somehow clogged, or the drain pan becomes full, the water can end up backing up and causing damage to your system.

In some cases, you can end up dealing with water leaks that cause damage to your ceilings, walls, and furniture. You can even end up with mold growth, which can compromise the health of your household.

The Takeaway…

If you are in need of AC repair services in the city of Charleston, SC, you should definitely feel free to contact Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating at your earliest convenience. The talented professionals at this company will be able to address a variety of AC repair needs. In some cases, you will need an AC repair professional, rather than attempting the repair yourself, in order to avoid damage to your home and injury to yourself.

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HVAC Company: The Difference Between Direct And Indirect Heating | Charleston, SC

If your residential or commercial property requires a heating solution, you may want to consider both direct and indirect heating sources. Each type of heating has its own unique features, benefits and drawbacks. By learning more about each one, you’ll get a better idea what’s best suited for your property.

If you have any questions about direct or indirect heating, contact Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating. We are one of the largest and most reputable HVAC companies in Charleston, SC. We are able to deal with a large variety of different HVAC problems with ease.

With that said, this article will give you an idea what’s the difference between the two different types of heating sources. Contact an HVAC company for more information on what may be best suited for your property and your needs.

Direct Heating

Direct heating above the use of some type of book material that will come into direct contact with a heating gas. Basically, it directly transfers the heat from the internal burner to the general airflow. These units will usually convert about all of its fuel into heat.

This type of design is very popular because it is efficient, convenient and affordable. With that said, this type of heating needs proper ventilation. Due to this reason, it is not often recommended for tight spaces unless a good ventilation system is in place.

There are many different types of direct heating systems available. Some of the different ones include:

  • a rotary drum direct heat transfer
  • a fluid bed direct heat transfer
  • a direct contact bulk solid heat exchanger

Although this type of system is easy to use, it does produce a lot of dust. Some experts also claimed that it is not very energy efficient. This type of system requires regular cleaning. They may be used outdoors. For example, if you want to have a fireplace outdoors, you may want to look for a direct heating system, as it may look more aesthetically pleasing in a way.

As direct heating is a bit unique, you will need to look for an HVAC company that specializes in this area. This may not necessarily be easy to find. In general, a company that services outdoor heating will be able to help.

Indirect Heating

And general, all home furnaces rely on indirect heating. These units rely on an enclosed heating cheaper to heat up the room. Cool air is passed over this heat exchanger and will become more and more hot. Indirect heating sources tend to be a bit more expensive to operate. They are also a little bit less efficient. However, they are ideal for tightly sealed, indoor spaces.

This type of heating source is very popular because it is safe. It can also be installed indoors with ease without causing any type of dust emission. This is also the type of heating source that most HVAC companies are trained to work on. Basically any HVAC company that you call will be able to handle these types of jobs.

Like with direct heating, there are many different types of indirect heating systems as well. Some of them include:

  • A rotary drum indirect heat transfer
  • An indirect heat exchanger

When it comes to indirect heating, you will usually have a lot more options to choose from.

Why Indirect Heating Is More Beneficial

In general, you can expect the company to recommend indirect heating. Indirect heating offers more benefits than direct heating. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency. The systems tend to be a lot more energy efficient. It uses less equipment and 90% less energy than traditional technologies.


  • Environmentally responsible. Unlike direct heating, indirect heating produces no dust, odor or omissions. This type of energy is also recyclable. For example, thermal energy collected from indirect cooling can be recovered and used for heating.


  • Small installation footprint. These systems are easy to install. You can basically call any HVAC company and get the job done. It’s always a good idea to get several quotes from different companies, as each company will charge not only a different price, but also have different promotions.


  • Easy maintenance. In general, you’ll only need to call the HVAC company to come in and take a look at your system once a year. If you find a reputable HVAC company in Charleston, SC to work with, you can also build a good relationship with the company and get better deals and discounts.

Indirect heating is able to offer years of reliable operation. Due to this reason, it’s highly recommended by most HVAC companies. Look for an HVAC company that can help you find a system that works for your needs. If you need a continuous heating source outdoors, you can also ask a company whether they can install an indirect heating system that heats up those areas.

Learn More By Giving Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating a Call

It can be difficult to understand the difference between direct and indirect heating. Most commercial and residential property owners are not really interested in how the heating system works. They only want a system that does work, it’s cheap to operate and requires little maintenance.

Fortunately, this isn’t really one of those problems that you really need to concern yourself about. All you really need to do is call an HVAC company and let them know what your needs are and what you expect. The HVAC company can help you find a system that works for your situation. They can also help you perform regular maintenance, so your system runs efficiently throughout the years.

As mentioned above, Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating is one of the most reliable HVAC companies. They’ll be able to help you deal with any HVAC problems that come your way. They’ll also be able to take a look at the floor plan and your needs to help you find a system that works.

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5 Air Conditioning And Heating Service Maintenance Tips to Follow | Charleston, SC

School doesn’t really prepare you for real life. Many homeowners have no idea what they should do with their air conditioning and heating system at all. The only call for air conditioning and heating services when their units have stopped running. By then, it’s too late. The damage that’s done is usually very costly to fix or even irreparable.

If you want to ensure that your home runs smoothly and that your HVAC systems are in prime condition at all times, consider the following 5 tips.

#1. Keep the Area Around the Units Free of Debris

First things first, you want to identify where the indoor and outdoor units for your HVAC system is located. Next, you want to make sure that you clean the surrounding area to ensure that it is free of debris and any flammable items. Large items that are blocking the ducts can really impact the overall efficiency of the unit.

You should also give the surrounding area a quick clean before calling for any AC and heating service. Ideally, you want the area as spotless as possible, so the professionals can easily identify the problem and get to it. If they need to spend some time clearing the area, you may be charged extra for it!

#2. Call for Air Conditioning and Heating Services Right Away if You Suspect Something’s Wrong

Have you noticed that your AC system doesn’t seem to be running as efficiently as before? Or, do you hear weird noises coming from the furnace or the heating system?

One of the reasons why most homeowners end up with a large bill for air conditioning and heating services is because they wait until it’s too late. The problems will usually be so large that they’re incredibly expensive to fix. Some homeowners will even wait until the problem is not fixable, and their entire HVAC system needs to be replaced.

The best way to avoid costly air conditioning and heating services is to call for a professional as soon as you notice that something’s wrong. This way, they’ll be able to fix the problem while it’s still minor. You can end up saving a lot of money this way.

#3. Be Familiar with the Owner’s Manual

The truth of the matter is that most homeowners never read the owner’s manual for their HVAC system. Due to this reason, they do not know how to maintain it or what to look out for. If you’re a first time home owner, you should definitely take a look at the owner’s manual. You should also take a look at the owner’s manual if you have never looked at it before. There is a lot of information inside out how you can maintain your system that you may not know.

The owner’s manual will give you some information on how often the system needs to be maintained. In general all HVAC systems should be maintained every year. It’s always a good idea to call for maintenance for the air conditioning during early spring and for the heating system during early fall.

The owner’s manual may also provide you with some information on the types of parts that you can use if you need to replace anything. It truly is an important document to look over, as it contains a plethora of information that will be helpful for you. If you no longer have the owner’s manual, you’ll usually be able to find it online.

#4. Check the Power Cords Regularly

One easily identifiable part that most homeowners don’t look at is the power cords. You can easily prevent costly repairs by checking the power cords regularly to make sure that they have not succumbed to wear and tear. If the power cords are located in areas that are easily reachable, you may want to consider hiding them or protecting them with some type of insulation or covering.

If you have small pets in your home, keeping an eye on the power cords is also important, as these are usually the first areas that get damaged. Many small pets may chew on the power cords, causing the inner wiring to become exposed. This can also easily become a hazard.

#5. Make Sure the Replacement Parts Are for Your Make and Model

In general, all air conditioning and heating services in Charleston, SC will ensure that the replacement parts that are used are compatible with the make and model of your system. However, you can also confirm this to ensure that you run into fewer problems along the way. You don’t always have to use branded parts; however, at times, it may be better to go with a part that’s manufactured by the same brand even if it’s more expensive.

Ask the professionals providing the air conditioning and heating services what they recommend. As they have a lot of experience in handling these parts, they are usually able to let you know what other people’s experiences have been. For example, while some parts may be highly recommended online, the air conditioning and heating service may have noticed that these parts require more maintenance.

Give Us a Call for Air Conditioning and Heating Services

If you are looking for any air conditioning and heating service in Charleston, SC, give Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating a call. We are one of the most reputable HVAC companies in this area and have a lot of experience in handling all types of HVAC systems.

Our licensed contractors are all insured. They will be able to help you navigate through any HVAC problems that you’re facing. They have years of experience in handling and tackling even some of the most difficult HVAC jobs. With their expertise, you’ll be able to know whether there are any additional things that you can do to maintain the condition of your HVAC system. They can also help you upgrade to more energy efficient parts and models and also detect any leakages.

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5 Things Involved With An Annual AC Repair And Tune-Up | Charleston, SC

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To keep your AC system in tiptop shape and to prevent costly AC repair services in the future, you should consider getting regular maintenance services from an HVAC company. Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating is one of the best HVAC companies in Charleston, SC that can get the job done. They have many years of experience in maintaining all types of AC systems, and can help you avoid costly AC repairs in the future.

Many homeowners are not quite sure what a tune-up involves. They may be hesitant to schedule maintenance services as they don’t think that it really makes much of a difference. If the maintenance services are completed properly, you really won’t be able to tell, as everything will run smoothly. It’s when you fail to get regular maintenance that you notice the importance of annual tune-ups.

This article will look at some of the things that are involved with annual tune-ups, so you get a better idea of some of the things that are dealt with during annual maintenance.

#1. Changing the Air Filter

Deficiency of your AC system is highly reliant on the filters inside. The filter will remove particles in the air and will ensure that the air quality within your home is clean. I’ll remove dust, dirt and other types of allergens that can be very damaging to a person’s respiratory system. Those with asthma and allergies are often the first to notice when the filters need to be changed.

If the air filters are not changed, they can cause many costly AC repair services to be needed in the future. Dirty filters can clog up other parts, rendering them useless or less efficient.

When changing the air filter, many HVAC companies will ask you whether you are happy with the performance of your AC system. If you think that the filter isn’t filtering enough allergens or particles in the air, they can help you choose another one. They may also recommend that you switch to a different air filter based on your concerns.

#2. Looking for Leaks

Another important part of all annual maintenance is that the contractors will look for leaks. In a way, this is a type of repair service. However, during annual check ups, the contractors will look for minor leaks and other problems that may be difficult to detect. You may not have even noticed that there’s a leak yet. With that said, these issues are much easier to deal with while they are still minor.

Our licensed contractors will patch up any leaks that they see and detect. By doing so, they are able to help you avoid costly AC repair services in the future. If the leaks are left alone, you may end up having to replace certain parts or even an entire section of the AC system. These types of repair services can also be very time-consuming.

If the HVAC company needs to tackle a large repair job, you may not be able to use your AC system for several days. This can be very annoying for some homeowners, especially those who live in places that can get very hot, like Charleston, SC.

#3. Calibrating the Thermostat

Have you noticed that your AC system doesn’t get as cold as you would like it to be? Or, have you noticed that the temperature fluctuates?

The issue may lie in the thermostat. One of the most important things that are done during an annual maintenance is the calibration of the thermostat. Our licensed contractors will also take a look and see whether there are any external elements that may affect the performance of the thermostat.

For example, if the thermostat is out in the open and exposed to the sun, it may think that the room is a lot hotter than it actually is. This may cause your AC system to work overtime, which may mean that you’ll need additional AC repair services in the future.

#4. Cleaning the Condensing Unit and Coils

A clean AC system will run efficiently and effectively. A good chunk of time is dedicated to cleaning the condensing unit and the coils. Depending on the type of AC system that you have installed, it may be difficult to reach these parts. Our licensed contractors may have to disassemble the entire unit in order to give it a thorough cleaning.

This is also a good time to inspect the condensing unit and coils to see whether any AC repairs are needed. If you fail to get regular inspections problems with the condensing unit or coils may worsen significantly with time. They may affect other parts in the AC system. In worst case scenarios, you may have to replace the entire system.

#5. Lubricating the Parts

Last but not least, we will lubricate the parts, so they work efficiently. If the parts are not properly lubricated, there will be quite a lot of friction. This added friction can cause you to need more AC repairs in the future. Making sure that everything is lubricated takes only several minutes!

Regular Maintenances Help Prevent Costly AC Repairs

It’s always a good idea to get regular maintenance for your AC system. In general, most experts recommend getting the annual tune-ups during early spring or late winter. You want to get your system checked out before the summer comes, as it will need to be in prime condition by then. A check-up once a year will usually be more than enough. Some homeowners may try to stretch this to once every two years depending on the age of their system.

If you’re looking for any type of maintenance services for your HVAC systems, give Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating a call. This HVAC company services the area and is one of the most reputable companies around. They offer fair and affordable prices for all of their HVAC services. They are able to perform maintenance services and AC repair services.