Is It The Right Time For An Air Conditioner Replacement? | Charleston, SC

Once you have installed an air conditioner, the unit will need routine maintenance to continue operating optimally. Repairs may also be necessary from time to time. However, no AC unit is designed to last forever, and no matter how much care to give your unit, there will come a time when it will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, the right time to replace an air conditioner is not obvious in most cases. There are many factors to be considered and telltale signs to watch out for, and therefore, the average homeowner may find it difficult to tell if it is time to repair or replace their AC units. Below are some signs indicating that you need an air conditioner replacement.

Your AC Is Older Than Ten Years

As mentioned earlier, air conditioners are not made to last forever. On average, the lifespan of older air conditioners ranges between 10 to 12 years. Newer models can last between 15 and 20 years. As your AC approaches the end of its lifespan, it will become less efficient and require more attention from an HVAC repair expert. If you are not sure when your AC was manufactured, you can pick its manufacturing date from the serial number. If you don’t know how to interpret the serial number, you can ask an HVAC expert to assist you. If you find that your unit is older than a decade and is showing signs of inefficiency or physical deterioration, it is wise for you to start thinking of seeking air conditioner replacement services.

Your AC Requires More Frequent Repairs

Like any other electrical equipment, your air conditioner will need repairs from time to time. However, under normal circumstances, AC repairs should be few and far between. Therefore, if your air conditioner keeps breaking down, forcing you to call an AC repair company every few weeks, there is a serious problem. In such as case, you need to start talking to your HVAC company about the need for a replacement, especially if your AC is older than ten years. This is because frequent AC breakdowns can be quite costly and inconvenient.

The AC Is Becoming Less Effective

Nobody else understands the effectiveness of your air conditioner than yourself. Therefore, when there is an anomaly in how it works, your will certainly know. For instance, if your air conditioner is well maintained, but it is not cooling your entire home evenly, then it could be getting less effective due to age or some other factors. In such a situation, it makes sense for you to start thinking of an air conditioner replacement in Charleston, SC because the system will eventually become completely unable to regulate the temperatures in your home, and consequently make your home uncomfortable for you and your family, particularly during summers and winters when temperatures can go the extremes.

Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

Of course, the HVAC system is one of the most significant consumers of energy in your house. Unfortunately, your AC can become quite inefficient with age, and consequently push your energy bills up. Therefore, if your energy bills have skyrocketed but your utility company has not increased its cost per unit, your AC could be consuming more energy than it should. If you are not sure, you can consult your HVAC services provider to determine if there is something that can be done to restore your air conditioner’s initial levels of efficiency. If nothing can be done to correct the issue, then it is imperative for you to ask your HVAC services provider to guide you on air conditioner replacement.

Your AC Uses R-22 Freon

In the past, some manufacturers of air conditioners would use R-22 Freon as a refrigerant. However, after it was discovered that Freon is a threat to the ozone layer, the government resolved to ban the importation and production of Freon in the United States from January 2020. Therefore, if your air conditioner uses R-22 Freon, it is important for you to know that you will not find the appropriate refrigerant for it should it need a refill. As such, if the refrigerant level goes down for some reason, you could be forced to live under sweltering heat until you can replace your unit. Therefore, it is advisable for homeowners who own older air conditioners that use R-22 Freon as a refrigerant to start thinking of seeking air conditioner replacement services.

You Are Facing Expensive Repairs

As mentioned above, it is not unusual for your air conditioner to need some repairs. However, some air conditioner repairs do not make economic sense. For instance, if your air conditioner’s air compressor is irredeemably damaged, replacing it can be quite an uneconomical decision, especially if your unit is almost a decade old. In such a situation, air conditioner replacement could be more economical compared to investing in a replacement air compressor.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that your conditioner is not going to serve you forever. If it is well maintained, it should serve you for 10 and 20 years. But even before the official expiry date of your air conditioner, there are several factors that can make it necessary for you to consider air conditioner replacement. For instance, if your AC has become less effective and more inefficient, in spite of doing all the necessary maintenance and tune-ups on time, then you may have to replace the unit to save money in the long run. Similarly, if your air conditioner is having issues that are forcing you to call your HVAC repair company every few weeks or months, then it should be replaced as soon as possible for you to enjoy your peace of mind. If you need an HVAC company offering air conditioner replacement services in Charleston, SC, Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating is an excellent choice. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and air conditioner replacement services.

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Finding A Heating And AC Repair Company | Charleston, SC

There are many things that any homeowner in Charleston, SC. will dread happening, and one of them is that the HVAC will break down on a hot, humid day. If this happens life will get unbearable very quickly. With temperatures often above 90 degrees, this is a dangerous time, especially if you are looking after young children or older relatives.

It is not a good time for those suffering from chronic breathing conditions such as asthma. You need reliable heating and AC repair company to visit your home as soon as possible, to quickly fix the problem.

Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating have been the leading heating and AC repair professionals in Charleston, SC for many years and have gained a reputation for the highest standards of work at prices everyone can afford. If you need a heating or AC repair company, you can be sure that Carney & Son will have someone on standby to fix your problem swiftly.

Have Your HVAC Regularly Serviced

Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating recommend to all our valued customers that you have an annual service from one of our highly trained technicians. A service will ensure that your HVAC is working safely and efficiently.

A more efficient HVAC will use less energy so reducing your utility bills. You will also gain extra peace of mind knowing that the HVAC is less likely to break down. We also recommend that you book your service during a quieter period like during the late spring or autumn.

Warnings Sign That There May Be Problems

A service will give the HVAC a good spring clean and ensure that any minor issues do not become major ones. Without one, you will increase the risk of needing a visit from a heating and AC repair company.

Potential HVAC problems could show themselves in many ways.

  • Larger than anticipated energy bills.
  • Reduced airflow.
  • The HVAC not supplying enough hot or cold air.
  • You notice odd smells coming from the HVAC.
  • Hearing strange noises emerging from the HVAC.

You Start to See Frost and Ice and Frost Forming on the Evaporator Coils

Frost and Ice forming on the coil is not a good sign. The evaporator coils are a vital component in your HVAC, as it absorbs the excess heat and humidity from the air in your home. Fans blow the warm air from your home over the coil.

The heat is extracted from the warm air by the coolant in the coil. The coolant is pumped around the HVAC by the compressor unit, passes through the condenser and cooling fins located outside your home. Here the heat is radiated to the outside air and the coolant continues its journey back to the coils.

Any restriction of the warm air been blown over the coils could cause frost and ice to form. These restrictions can be due to dirty filters or faulty fans not blowing enough warm air.

Low coolant levels can also cause frost and ice to form as well as dirt layers forming on the coil. Ignoring the frost and ice building up could lead to a call to a heating and AC repair company.

The Condenser and Cooling Fins Are Dirty

When the coolant reaches the condenser and cooling fins the excess heat from inside your home is radiated to the outside air. As they are located outside a layer of dirt and grime will accumulate on them. This dirt acts as an insulating layer and reduces the rate at which heat is radiated. This will reduce the cooling effect of the HVAC.

The condenser and cooling fins need to be cleaned regularly, and this is also part of a regular service. Moss and weeds can grow on the condenser and fins. These will also need to be removed as they restrict the flow of outside air over them, further reducing the cooling effect. Without cleaning, the condenser could overheat and burn out, leading to a visit from a heating and AC repair company.

Uncalibrated and Poorly Positioned Thermostat

An uncalibrated thermostat or poorly positioned one will increase your energy bills. One placed in direct sunlight or near an open window will miscalculate the temperature and cause the HVAC unit to work harder than it needs.

Close Windows and Doors

The best way to keep your home cool in the summer with the air conditioner on is to keep your windows and doors closed. It is also the best way to keep your room warm in the winter. Open windows and doors will create different temperature regions in your home and cause the HVAC to work harder to compensate.

Heating and AC Repair Company May Need to Check the AC Drain Line

People often forget the AC drain line, if it is blocked for any reason, it may cause the HVAC to shut down. Any water from the warm humid air is collected in the drip pan. This then flows outside via the AC drain line. Moss and Mildew could grow inside the line and block it.

The water now has nowhere to exit the HVAC, it builds up in the drip pan and then overflows into the HVAC and then onto your floor. Any increased humidity and even the smell of mold may be explained by this. Before you ring a heating and AC repair company it may be worth checking to see if the drain line is blocked.

As you can see a problem with one component can impact others. A faulty component will cause the other components to work harder to compensate. Overworked components use more energy and are more likely to overheat, burn out, and need a visit from a heating and AC repair company.

Charleston’s Best Heating and AC Repair Company

Carney & Son’s is a family-run business, established in 1984. We understand the stress caused when the HVAC fails on a hot summer’s day. That is why we are on call 24/7 and will respond quickly to any HVAC emergency that you have. If you need Charleston’s best heating and AC repair company, call Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating straight away.

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Heating And AC Service Near You | Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC represents one of the largest cities in the state of SC, with the city seated in the Metropolitan Statistical area. Founded in 1670, Charleston is one of the oldest cities in SC.

Families move to Charleston due to its mild weather, proximity to beaches, as well as its unique historical background. Charleston residents have access to three beaches within a 20-minute drive from the downtown area. If you’re looking for beaches that aren’t as congested, then you also have easy access to the beaches in Sullivan’s Island and the Isle of Palms.

Why Are People Choosing To Live in Charleston? has recently predicted that Charleston would be one of the top leading real estate markets for buyers who want affordable housing. The forecast for a strong real estate market in Charleston turned out to be accurate, as the local real estate market continues to break records.

In several years, it is projected that Charleston, SC will represent one of the top 10 housing markets in the United States, with the Charleston Regional Business Journal explaining that the Charleston real estate market is empowered due to its consistent economy, low unemployment rate, and flourishing cash flow markets. It’s no surprise that many families want to move to Charleston.

However, the reality is that many homes are going to be several decades old. While AC systems are designed to last, some homes may need Heating and AC Services. Regular servicing maximizes the life of your AC and heating system, it is also the best way to obtain optimal and efficient performance from your cooling equipment. When properly taken care of, your AC system will work more efficiently, allowing you to save more money on electric bills and ensure a comfortable indoor environment year-round.

Importance of Heating and AC Service

  1. Heating and AC Services Help Your Family Save money. Preventative maintenance will prevent costly breakdowns, reduce your energy bills, extend the life of your equipment and system, and will ensure that you stay protected under warranty.
  2. Heating and AC Services Improve air quality. The EPA reports that the indoor levels of airborne pathogens can be almost 5 times higher than outdoor levels. This is particularly significant since we spend so much time in our homes. Indoor allergens can be concentrated indoors due to air circulating within a confined space. These allergens range from ordinary household dust that may heighten respiratory issues, to cigarette smoke, mold, and pollen. If you suspect accumulation of mold, then it is best to contact an HVAC technician so that air ducts can be professionally cleaned.
  3. Heating and AC Services Improve comfort. Regular maintenance helps your system produce and distribute cool and warm air throughout the home without any obstructions. Proper maintenance reduces the odds that you’ll come home from work during a hot summer day and find that the cool setting of your HVAC system is not responding anymore.
  4. Heating and AC Service Will Keep Your Home Safer. You’ve heard the horror stories — the home that has unfortunately burned down due to the accumulation of dust in the vents from years of neglect. Or the family who came home after winter break to find a frozen severely damaged home due to a malfunctioning condenser. Preventative HVAC maintenance will safeguard your family against the risk of carbon monoxide, the odorless gas that can potentially be deadly. One of the main reasons why carbon monoxide may spread within a home is due to a failed heat exchanger. Regular HVAC maintenance typically includes a carbon monoxide test that will detect any potential hazards.

Heating and AC Service Maintenance Schedule for Charleston Residences

  • Yearly maintenance. Ensure that you remove any shrubbery, and trim back trees and plants, to ensure that they are at least 3 feet away from any outside equipment. Debris can get trapped in the equipment and affect its efficiency. Keep furniture, garden supplies, and any other home equipment several feet away from AC units. Visually inspect the outside condenser units for any cracks, discoloration, or dirty coils and evaporators. Pay attention to any strange sounds that may emit from outside AC units.


  • Quarterly maintenance. This is the time to schedule an inspection with your HVAC contractor. You may need to have your air filters changed, have the thermostat recalibrated, as well as have electrical components inspected. Broken connections compromise a system’s efficiency and safety.

HVAC Services for the summer and winter months? In the fall, hire a contractor for your heating system’s annual maintenance. During the inspection, our technicians will check the electrical connections, condensate drain, and voltage. Carbon monoxide detectors will also be inspected if you use natural gas or oil for your heating system.

For the summer months, our HVAC technician will inspect the AC for properly working fins, refrigerant levels, and blower system components. The refrigerant lines — the lifeline of your AC system — will also be inspected. Typically your AC system will have two copper lines that go into the AC condenser and a larger line with insulation covering it. During the hot summer months, this line will feel cold to the touch or have condensation on it due to proper refrigerant levels. If the line does not have condensation, then an HVAC technician will need to be called to replace and replenish refrigerant levels.

About Carney & Son 72 Degrees

Carney & Son 72 Degrees has been the go-to AC and Heating and AC Service company for the past 30 years. Catering to the Charleston, SC area, Carney & Son 72 Degrees has helped new residents as well as current homeowners to inspect, maintain, and update their HVAC systems. Our relationship with our clients is galvanized by word-of-mouth reviews, with our clients quick to sing our praise and our ability to accommodate. To learn more about our Heating and AC Services, contact us.

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Why Are We The Best Air Conditioning And Heating Service Company? | Charleston, SC

If you have lived in Charleston, SC, you will know that the summers are often long and hot. By hot we mean that they are often above 90 degrees with humidity levels to match. This is not a good time to have your air conditioner break down, especially if you are looking after young children or older relatives. It is also very stressful if your furnace or water heater has decided to die on a cold day.

In an emergency, you need a dependable air conditioning and heating service company; one that operates 24/7, on weekends and holidays. An air conditioning and heating service company that has many trained technicians available and carries many spare parts for most AC and HVAC manufactured products. You need Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating of Charleston, SC. We provide the highest standards of work at very affordable prices.

Do You Need an Air Conditioning and Heating Service?

We at Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, highly recommend that you have an annual air conditioning and heating service from one of our many skilled technicians at least once a year.

A regular service will ensure that your air conditioner, heater, or HVAC are working safely and efficiently. You will also get peace of mind knowing that there is less risk the key appliances in your home will break down when you need them most. We suggest that you book your service during quieter periods like during the late spring or autumn.

Be on the Lookout for Any Problems

Even the best-maintained HVAC will break down periodically, but there are some warning signs that you can be on the lookout to avoid that expensive repair.

  • Larger than anticipated energy bills
  • Reduced airflow and cooling effect
  • Reduced air quality
  • Strange smells
  • Strange noises
  • Water pooling around the unit

Larger Than Anticipated Energy Bills

A component in your HVAC can be affected if there is a problem with the other components. For example, if the airflow over the evaporator coil is reduced for any reason, frost and ice can start to form on the coil and it could even completely freeze.

This will cause the coil and other components to have to work harder to maintain the cooling effect. This increases the risk they will overheat and break down. Harder working components will use more energy and drive up your energy bill.

Reduced Airflow and Cooling Effects

A coolant leak means you can expect a reduced cooling effect and a warmer home during the summer months. Less coolant means less cooling. The coolant is in a liquid form in the evaporator coil and changes to a hot gas after it absorbs the heat from the warm air from your home that is blown over it.

The warm air is now cooled and blown back into your home. Without enough coolant, the warm air will not have a chance to be cooled enough resulting in less cool air entering your home. Topping up coolant levels is part of a regular air conditioning and heating service from Carney & Son.

If the fan blowing the air is damaged, then frost and ice can also start to form on the coil, further reducing its effectiveness and reducing the airflow coming from your AC unit.

Reduced Air Quality

A dirty air filter will also reduce the airflow over the evaporator coil, compounding the effects of low levels of coolant and faulty fans. A dirty air filter will not stop as many dirt or pollen particles from entering the AC unit and then your home. This will degrade air quality, increasing the stress on sufferers of chronic breathing conditions such as Asthma. Dirty air filters will be replaced during a regular air conditioning and heating service from Carney & Son.

Strange Smells

During an air conditioning and heating service, one of Carney & Son’s technicians will check for any loose electrical connections, solder, and other signs of damage. A loose connection may cause a short and explain any burning smell. If one of the components is overworking, it will heat up and may give off a burning smell. If you smell any burning, you should call Carney & Son straight, there is now an increased risk of a fire.

Strange Noises

Any strange noises coming from your unit can be disconcerting. A faulty fan can often be the source of that strange noise. Loud screeching sounds could mean a worn-out fan belt or bearings in the fan’s motor. A bent blade could be striking a part of the unit and create a chunking sound. Odd noises are never a good sign and need investigation. Hoping a problem will go away will only lead to an expensive repair.

Water Pooling Around the Unit

People forget that there is an AC drain line. The excess moisture in the warm air is collected in a pan located in the AC unit. It then flows outside through the drain line. Because of the humidity in the line, moss and algae can grow in the drain line and block it. The water in the pan has nowhere to go and overflows into the AC unit and on the floor.

Other Problems Related to Air Conditioning and Heating Service

The condenser and cooling fins need a clean to remove any layers of dirt and any moss or weeds that have grown. These reduce the transfer of heat to the outside and airflow over the condenser and fins.

A poorly calibrated or positioned thermostat will increase your energy bills. If placed in direct sunlight or near an open window it will misread the temperature and cause your AC or HVAC to work harder than it should.

The Top Air Conditioning and Heating Service Company.

Carney & Son understands how worrying it is for families to have their AC or HVAC fail. We put you and your family’s safety first. Our team will respond quickly to any emergency call and all the work will be finished safely and to your total satisfaction.

Living without a working AC or HVAC unit would be unthinkable for most people so if your AC or HVAC system is not working properly then call Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating of Charleston, SC.

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Knowing The Signs That You Need AC Repair | Charleston, SC

When the temperatures start to climb in Charleston, SC you rely on your air conditioner. During the historic heatwaves now facing the nation, AC units are being pushed to their limits, so they tend to break down and need AC Repair. Sadly AC problems always seem to happen at the worst possible time, when we need them during a hot summer day. Did you know that oftentimes you can avoid a complete AC breakdown by learning to know the signs that your AC is on the verge of a breakdown? It turns out our AC units often tell us that the unit is in need of some attention from an air conditioning company. You can avoid costly AC breakdowns by learning to tell when your AC unit needs some love and care, you just have to learn what your air conditioner is trying to tell you.

The heat is on now in Charleston, SC, so you might want to think about preventive care for your AC unit. Just like your car or truck, so too does your AC unit need preventive care to ensure that it works properly. Cars need an oil change, AC units need things like a filter change. Yet your AC needs more than just the filters changed. The inside unit needs to be cleaned yearly, parts like your condenser coils can build up dirt and grime on them. While it might not seem like a little dirt and grime could end up with you needing AC repair this is exactly the case. Dirt and grime for example building up on the condenser coil can cause the coil to freeze over, which prevents heat transfer, resulting in a slew of problems for your AC unit.

You should have your AC tuned up every spring when Charleston, SC AC companies are the least occupied with service calls for broken down AC units. However, it is never too late to call Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating for an AC tune-up. You might be wondering what exactly happens during an AC tune-up. Your HVAC technician will check your air filter and replace it if it is dirty or clogged up with pet hair. They will also ensure your thermostat is calibrated correctly. They will clean your blower components and your condenser and evaporator coils. The technician will maintain all of the many moving parts of your AC unit, helping you to avoid costly repair. Your technician will also check your refrigerant levels and refill your refrigerant if it is low. Your technician will also determine your voltage and amperage is correct. They will also check over all of the many electrical connections and electronic parts of your system. Your repair technician will also check your blower motor over as well as the blower belt. Pretty much every working part of your system gets inspected, cleaned, and maintained. Any problems that could lead to costly AC repair will likely be caught early or prevented by servicing the unit with an AC tune-up.

Now that we have clarified how important an AC tune-up is to prevent costly AC repair, let us discuss the signs of AC failure or the need for AC replacement. Your air conditioner will likely warn you via sounds, smells, or other signs that it needs servicing or AC repair. Most times if you catch an AC repair early you can avoid costly repairs due to complete breakdowns. Here are the top signs that you are in need of a repair for your home.

Strange Sounds

This is the number one sign you are in need of AC repair for your home. Your AC unit should only emit a low and steady blowing sound indoors. Your outdoor unit will make some loud noises, you just need to learn what noises are normal for the outdoor unit and which ones signify that the unit needs AC repair. Let’s discuss some of the sounds you might hear from an AC unit that signify your unit may need a repair in Charleston, SC.

Banging Sounds

If you are hearing banging noises you are likely dealing with an internal part that has come loose. It might be a component that has shifted out of place. It could be just a matter of a few screws or bolts that need to be tightened. It could also be a faulty spring. You want to attend to this issue before it causes a complete breakdown resulting in the need for costly AC repair.

Buzzing Sounds

If you hear a buzzing noise from your AC chances are you are in need of AC repair for your home. The two most common causes of a buzzing sound coming from your unit are motor problems and capacitor problems. You could also be dealing with loose parts, debris inside of the unit ( which is removed during an AC tune-up!), a dirty condenser coil (Coils are cleaned during a tune-up!), or possible electrical problems. Since you could be dealing with electrical problems you want your AC unit seen as soon as possible to avoid the potential for fire.

Hissing Sounds

This is a sound you do not want to hear. It could signify that you are dealing with a refrigerant leak, as refrigerant escaping the system makes a hissing sound. You want to call your local AC repair company right away if you hear this sound. It can also be an internal valve leak inside of your compressor. You could also be dealing with a compressor problem, so if you hear hissing from your unit yes it is a serious issue.

Bubbling or Gurgling Sounds

If you hear bubbling or gurgling sounds from your AC unit your compressor may have a refrigerant leak. You do not want to be dealing with a refrigerant leak as this can be dangerous for you and your family. If you hear this noise call your local AC repair company right away.


If you hear this noise coming from the outside unit it is often the sign of either loose hardware or a failing motor. The louder the sound is the more serious the problem is in most cases. This sound can also be caused by debris inside the unit. We should point out that any debris inside of the unit is removed during an AC tune-up.

Screeching, Screaming or Squealing

This is the top sign to call your local AC repair company. It can oftentimes signal that components like your blower wheel or fan motor need replacement. If you hear screeching it can also be the sign of damaged belts or bearings inside of your unit. Rarely it can indicate that your unit has a dangerous pressure buildup, which is an emergency situation. If you hear this sound you should turn off the AC unit right away and make that call for AC repair.

Strange Smells

If your air conditioner is starting to emit a strange smell you have a problem. If you are smelling a rotten egg smell coming from your air conditioner you might be dealing with a gas leak, which can be dangerous if left unattended. If you smell an electrical or burning smell you should shut the unit off right away and call your local AC repair company for emergency AC repair service. You do not want to deal with an electrical fire or risk further damage to your AC unit. If you are smelling a musty smell coming from your AC unit you are likely dealing with mold or mildew inside of the unit and/or your ductwork. Mold is a toxic fungus that you do want you and your family to breathe in. Sometimes mold develops due to a clogged duct or excessive moisture inside of your AC unit.

Reduced Air Flow

If your AC unit has reduced airflow you are dealing with a serious problem. For starters your AC unit will have to work extra hard to try and cool down your home, resulting in higher than normal utility bills. Reduced airflow can have many possible causes. One possible cause is a dirty air filter (Which is changed during an AC tune-up, see a pattern here? AC tune-ups are important!), which is a simple matter to fix. Another cause is a frozen evaporator coil. Your evaporator coil is responsible for cooling your home. If the coil gets too cold, ice can form on the coil if the moisture is high. This ice will hinder the flow of air into your home. Frozen evaporator coils happen most often due to two causes, either low airflow from a dirty air filter blocked vents or a blower that is malfunctioning. The other cause is low refrigerant levels. If you have low refrigerant it is most often due to a leak. If you have reduced airflow, call your local AC repair company for service before your unit breaks down completely!

Air Isn’t Cold

If your AC unit is not blowing cold air you have a problem and need to call your local AC repair company for service. The problem likely rests with either your thermostat or low levels of refrigerant in your system. You will want to check your thermostat settings to see if you have the house set to cool down to the right temperature. If everything seems fine with your thermostat the thermostat could be broken or you could be dealing with a refrigerant leak. You do not want to be dealing with a refrigerant leak as this is a gas that is dangerous to you and your family. If you suspect that you are dealing with a refrigerant leak you should call for emergency AC repair service as this is a dangerous situation. You could be dealing with a lesser issue however as some AC units shut down if the AC air filter is clogged. This precautionary measure is to prevent damage to your AC system. Many people do not know how serious an issue a dirty AC filter actually is. You should change your AC filter every 3 months, sooner if you have pets as pet hair can clog an AC filter rather quickly. You can also have warm air blowing from your system if the AC unit has an ice buildup inside of it. If your coils get dirty or your filters get clogged, or if you have a low refrigerant level you could have ice build up in your system. If your AC unit drains get clogged you can also get warm air blowing into your ducts as the AC unit will shut down due to an AC safety feature. If your AC unit’s compressor becomes dirty you can also be dealing with warm airflow. If your refrigerant levels dip too low you can also be dealing with warm air flooding your home through the vents. Only a technician from a licensed AC Repair company can get to the bottom of the issue and make the needed repairs.

Little Air Blows Out of Vents

If you have very little airflow you have a serious problem and will need a local AC repair company to get to the bottom of the issue. This problem is similar to your air not blowing cold. Oftentimes customers report that they feel cool air coming through the vents but the airflow is weak. This problem is likely due to one of two causes. The first cause is a problem with your ducts. Perhaps the ducts have become blocked with dust, grime, and pet hair. If this is the case your ducts will need to be cleaned by a professional AC repair company. In Charleston, SC, Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating specialize in cleaning out clogged ductwork. The other potential issue causing low airflow is if you have a failing compressor. You will need to hire a professional to be sure of the exact cause of your low airflow.

If you have any of the above signs of trouble with your central air conditioner, call the professionals at Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating of Charleston, SC. We have decades of experience in troubleshooting failing and broken air conditioners. We will also gladly give your AC a tune-up any time of the year! We are open 24/7 for your convenience so call us any time day or night when problems strike with your central air conditioner!

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Finding The Best HVAC Company | Charleston, SC

Summers in Charleston, SC are long, hot, and humid. Temperatures often above 90 degrees, meaning It can be a hazardous time for both young and old as well as those with underlying health conditions.

There is an increased risk of heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration, so it is important that everyone is kept cool and safe. Not having your HVAC unit working can be very stressful and potentially very dangerous.

It is vital for people in Charleston, SC. to be able to turn to a reliable HVAC company if anything goes wrong. During an emergency, they turn to Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, the best and most professional HVAC company in town.

Unlike many HVAC Companies, we have technicians ready twenty-four hours a day and every day to answer your call. Carney & Son is your one-stop destination if you need an HVAC company even if it is on a holiday!

Signs That You Need the Services of an HVAC company

Having your HVAC unit regularly serviced by one of our highly trained technicians is strongly recommended by Carney & Son.

This should be carried out at least once a year, as it will help prevent unforeseen problems before they arise. It will also ensure that your HVAC is working safely and more efficiently so reducing your energy bills.

HVAC units are normally very robust, but occasionally they break down requiring an HVAC company to repair them. But there are some warning signs that you should look out for to avoid this.

Coolant Is Leaking

Every HVAC unit needs an optimum level of coolant. Less coolant will mean less cooling and you will notice less cold air coming from your unit and frost and ice starting to form on the evaporator coil. The other components in your HVAC will now have to work harder to keep you cool, and so cause greater wear and tear, reducing the working life of your unit and increasing your energy bills.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Frost and ice can also form on the evaporator coil if there is not enough airflow over it. If you ignore this sign, then the coil can freeze meaning that you will need to turn the HVAC and allow it to thaw. Again, other components will start to work harder, maybe overheating and burning out, needing a visit from an HVAC company.

Dirty air filters and blocked air return grills will also reduce the airflow over the evaporator coil. A dirty air filter will need to be replaced and the air grilles cleaned. Not only will the airflow improve but so will the air quality in your home as less dirt and pollen will enter.

The evaporator coil will need cleaning periodically too. Dirt will build up over time and act as an insulating material, reducing the heat transfer between the warm air and coil. Regular service from Carney & Son will help prevent these problems.

Dirty Condenser and Cooling Fins

The condenser and cooling fins also need plenty of air to flow over them to radiate the excess heat from your home to the outside air. As they are located outside, they will get coated with a layer of dirt and grime. This layer reduces the transfer of heat to the outside air and will result in the condenser having to work harder and may cause it to overheat and burn out. Regular cleaning is a good idea, so is removing any moss and weeds from around the condenser and fins. This is a job you can do yourself avoiding the need for a visit from an HVAC company.

Damaged Air Ducts

It has been estimated that up to 30 percent of an HVAC’s energy is wasted by cool/warm air escaping through gaps in damaged ducts. So, a regular inspection of the ducts can save you a lot of money.

How Old Is Your HVAC Unit?

The old saying that “nothing lasts forever” applies to HVAC units. Most HVAC units will need replacing after 10 to 15 years. A new HVAC will not be cheap but will pay for itself over time because they are more energy-efficient than older models, saving you on costly energy bills. As time goes by it will become harder and harder to find replacement parts especially if the model is no longer made. Older models may still be using Freon (R22) as coolant. Chemical manufacturers are not allowed to produce new R22 coolants, and only recovered or recycled R22 can be used and will mean obtaining Freon will also become more difficult and expensive.

Problems with the Furnace

The furnace is the largest component in your HVAC system and has a fan that draws fresh air from the outside into a combustion chamber. In the chamber, it is mixed with gas or other fuel, burns, and releases heat.

If gas is used, then the air vents to the outside need to be checked frequently to ensure they are not blocked. Fresh air is needed for the combustion, and any exhaust gases produced also need to be removed outside. A furnace also needs a filter to remove pollutants, and this will need regular changing.

Charleston’s Best HVAC Company

We at Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating have been serving the surrounding community and further afield in SC for over 30 years. As a family-run company, we are aware of the stress caused when an HVAC breaks down.

We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service for all our customers and will give you the peace of mind needed with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. If you have an emergency, we will respond quickly to your call and have your HVAC back up and running ASAP. Our vans carry a complete range of spares for the most common HVAC models.

Your family’s safety is our main concern and living without a working HVAC unit would be unthinkable for most people. So, whatever your HVAC problem, call the best HVAC company in Charleston, SC Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating.

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What You Accomplish With AC Repair | Charleston, SC

AC repair service in Charleston, SC, has a lot to offer you. It provides you with outstanding value and greater comfort throughout the dog days of summer. If you’re looking for a company to give your business to today but aren’t sure who to call, don’t worry. There are plenty of options awaiting you in the area.

How AC Repair Service Helps You

We’ve created a guide that you can read whenever you need advice about air conditioning repair service. It makes things much easier for you by spelling out the benefits of hiring a professional. Although it’s an expense you’d rather avoid, you must spend the money necessary to get your air conditioner repaired. If you don’t, you’ll suffer during the hottest days of the year.

There are many things you accomplish with AC repair in Charleston, SC:

  • Create a temperature-controlled environment in the home that you can relax in. Everyone living in your residence will appreciate the time you took to get the air conditioner repaired. It helps them beat the heat and have a place to retreat to when temperatures are too hot to be outdoors. It’s nice to have a temperature-controlled home. When the AC works the way that it should, you’ll have fewer things to be concerned about maintenance-wise. Scheduling AC repair just as soon as you discover an issue with it is highly recommended.


  • Keep from wasting energy and running up your utility bills. If you’re looking to make your home greener and less wasteful, consider getting your air conditioner checked out by a professional. They discover all types of issues with the unit. The service tech provides you with pointers that make running the AC unit more efficient. Something as simple as a break in a glass window or a gap between the door lets the cooled air escape. That means that you’re running your air conditioner for nothing. You won’t benefit from it because all the air you’ve paid for to cool is going outdoors where it’s unbearably hot.


  • Maintain lower levels of humidity in the residence. When a house is too warm, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Having AC repair services does ensure that the humidity in the air gets pulled out by the unit. A dirty filter prevents air from flowing freely through the AC unit.


  • Keep your air conditioner from working overtime and needing to be replaced prematurely. When an AC unit works itself into the ground, it won’t last as long as the manufacturer stated it would. You need to have it repaired and schedule maintenance for it often. That way, you’re able to benefit from its inclusion in your life fully. You’ll have a machine that works year-round without quitting prematurely on you. That means fewer repairs and replacements and more money in the bank.


  • Give you someone you can call whenever you need assistance with your AC unit in the future. You never know when you’re going to need additional help with your air conditioning unit. Reaching out to the professional that you hired can benefit you in many ways. It prevents you from having an emergency situation that doesn’t get resolved quickly. Instead, you get the help that you need and call it a day. That’s how simple it is to get assistance from a contractor when you’ve already used their services before.

Charleston, SC AC repair helps you accomplish many things. It allows you to lower your home energy costs by increasing the efficiency of your existing air conditioner. It makes it easier for you to keep humidity levels minimal in the home because the air filter hasn’t gotten clogged by dirt and debris. You increase the indoor air quality in the residence, too, because of your desire to have the air conditioner inspected and repaired.

Your air conditioning unit will be like-new by the time you’ve had the right company work on it. That’s why you must get the service scheduled right away. You’ll be able to enjoy cool, comfortable air a lot faster. Waiting for days to call a service technician means that you’ll be uncomfortable a lot longer.

How You Know That You Called the Right Company for AC Repair

Some companies make you feel comfortable right away. They go above and beyond to assist you with your request and provide you with outstanding repair services for your air conditioning unit. They take every phone call and email that they receive very seriously. Once they’ve had the chance to speak to you and get to know your needs, they get you put into their schedule so they can assist you further.

That means that you’ll have air conditioner service before you know it. The AC unit works well and makes you and your family feel so much calmer and better throughout the hottest days of the year. If you haven’t had the opportunity to discuss the issue before today, reaching out to a trusted company in the area is what we highly recommend that you do.

The AC repair company that you hire should be attentive to your needs. The service tech should go above and beyond to assist you with your request. They should make you feel heard and understood. If they do, you can count on them being the type of professional that does an excellent job working on your AC unit long into the future.

The Best Company for Getting the Job Done for You

Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating has got you covered. Don’t you worry about having an air conditioner that doesn’t work well. We’ll get it up and running like-new for you once again. That way, you can enjoy the comfortable temperature-controlled climate you’ve created for yourself indoors.

Call 843-762-4304 with your request for AC repair assistance day or night. We offer emergency repair services that make your job easier. You have less to worry about when you’ve got a company like ours by your side. You’ll get the help that you requested with your air conditioner in no time at all.

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Air Conditioning And Heating Service: What You Need To Know About Heating And Air Conditioning Units | Charleston, SC

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 84 percent of all homes in the United States have some air conditioning. We live in the modern age of technology, where everything has been created for our convenience and comfort. As a result, our homes, offices, shops, and other places where we spend much of our time are fitted with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, commonly known as HVAC systems. These unique temperature-controlled systems create comfortable working and living environments and are serviced by an air conditioning and heating service.

What Are the Components of an HVAC System?

An HVAC system is one of the most complicated and sophisticated systems you can have in your home or working places. As such, should a breakdown occur, only an experienced and certified air conditioning and heating service maintenance company like Carney & Son 72 Degrees Heating & AC service should handle its inspection, maintenance, and repairs. Some of the parts prone to wear and tear and which may need routine replacement and maintenance include:

Air Return

This is the starting point of the ventilation system of the HVAC system. It sucks the air, draws it through a filter before it passes it into the central system. Ensure that you or an air conditioning and heating service dusts the air return regularly since the debris and dust that piles up over time can quickly build up on your filters and cause massive damage.

The Filter

The filter is the second part of the air return unit. Filters need routine replacement to guarantee optimal performance. Depending on the manufacturer’s manual, have the filters changed by a professional air conditioning and heating service as regularly as possible.

The Ducts

These are the channels that provide the passage of heated or cooled air. It is recommended that you have an air conditioning and heating service professional clean your ducts every two years to sustain a good working condition of your heating and air conditioning system.

The Exhaust Outlets

An exhaust vent in the system expels all the utilized air. Ensure that you consult an air conditioning and heating service to check on your vent stack or chimney flue at least once a year and tune it up when necessary.

Electrical Fittings

This part ensures your system is supplied with adequate amounts of power for uninterrupted performance. Problems associated with heating and air conditioning systems often originate here. If your system stops working, check for expired batteries in your thermostat or a tripped breaker.

Outdoor Unit

This is the main part of the system you are likely to consider when an HVAC system is mentioned. It holds the fan, which aids airflow. Always ensure that you keep your unit clear of vegetation and debris since it can cause severe problems if your fan sucks in.


Being part of the outdoor unit, the compressor is capable of transforming refrigerant from gas to fluid before sending it to the coils. Therefore, inspect your compressor regularly since many system malfunctions originate from this point.


The coil is another integral part of the outdoor unit, which chills the air as it flows through. Inspect the coil frequently to ensure it is in good working condition. If you realize they are freezing up, you should adjust refrigerant levels and the filter.


The blower pulls in warm air through the central section of the unit. Ensure the air progresses through this part efficiently to enhance the durability of your heating and air conditioning system.

What Are the Most Common Problems that Occur in HVAC Systems?

Owing to their structural complexity, heating and air conditioning systems harbor particular problems that may occur in their lifetime. Most of these problems can be resolved by our highly trained and experienced professionals at Carney & Son 72 Degrees heating and AC service. The following are some of the most common issues that tend to occur in the heating and air conditioning systems:

Filter Blockage

Filters can get clogged because of the dirt that accumulates after several months of usage. When this problem occurs, filters need to be cleaned or changed for your system to work optimally.

Faulty Thermostats

This is a major problem that you should be prepared to face if you have a heating and AC system at your home or office. A thermostat is regarded as the heart of the system. If the thermostat has an issue, then the whole operation of the HVAC system is entirely stalled.

If your thermostat is an older version, then you should think of replacing it with a new digital one. If you have a modern digital thermostat and that still fails to function as intended, check if batteries have become weak and replace them. If this malfunction persists, then there might be a different problem that requires a professional’s touch. Call Carney & Son 72 Degrees heating and AC service to fix the problem.

Clogged Drain

Each heating and air conditioning system has a drainage system with a drain pan that collects the excess moisture drained out by a drain pipe. With time, this drainage system is blocked by dirt and impurities. If this blockage is not addressed early enough, the drain can expel the moisture on undesired areas of the unit and jeopardize its functioning.

Leakage of the Refrigerant

The refrigerant is a liquid that cools the air in the system to provide cool temperatures. The refrigerant may produce a leakage characterized by a sharp pungent smell. This leakage can damage other sensitive parts of the HVAC unit. Turn off your heating and air conditioning system as soon as you notice this leakage and consult a skilled air conditioning and heating service.

Failure of the Furnace to Heat up

The furnace is the primary heat-generating source of the heating and air conditioning system often fails to heat up. If this occurs, the entire room lacks heat, causing a freezing temperature. Sometimes the furnace fails to heat up as a result of the pilot light being off. If you cannot easily detect the cause of the failure, call Carney & Son 72 Degrees Heating & AC service for professional help with your air conditioning and heating service needs.

Creaking Noises

The HVAC system experiencing mechanical hitches produces weird sounds when it is turned on. The blower fan or any other structural component of the system could be faulty. To avoid further mechanical problems, act swiftly and engage a professional from Carney & Son 72 Degrees heating and AC service to fix it for you.

Settling on an HVAC company that offers the best heating and AC service is vital in enhancing the durability of your heating and air conditioning system. Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating is a locally owned air conditioning and heating service company located in Charleston, SC. We provide heating and air conditioning expertise to both our residential and commercial customers in Charleston and its neighborhoods. Our dedicated team of experts is devoted to providing exceptional solutions to all our customers. Get in touch with us today for more information about our heating and AC services.

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Seven Warning Signs Showing That You Need Heating And AC Service | Charleston, SC

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, popularly known as HVAC, is one of the essential systems in your home. HVAC systems ensure that you and your loved ones are comfortable in your home any time of the day or night. And a heating and AC service helps keep this system running smoothly.

If you are Charleston, SC resident, then you are used to the different seasons. Having an efficient HVAC system guarantees you comfort despite the season. The air conditioner in the HVAC system is essential in controlling the temperature in your home. Therefore, you will not be vulnerable to the prevailing weather conditions.

Once you purchase an HVAC system and have it correctly installed in your home, you would expect it to function efficiently for a long time with no mishap. However, some HVAC systems often don’t remember to maintain or get heating and AC service. They only remember to repair it when a serious issue/malfunction deprives them of their comfort.

It is imperative to be proactive so that your HVAC system serves you longer. Did you know that there are pointers that can help you sort HVAC issues fast? Knowing and detecting your system will enable you to solve problems by getting heating and AC service. In addition, prompt repair services save you a lot of money.

You will also be able to reach out to your professional heating and AC service and repair company in time for a quick fix to prevent future problems. So, watch out for these warning signs, and do not hesitate to call a professional HVAC Repair and Maintenance Company.

1. Thermostat Problems

A thermostat is a critical component that makes up the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. In your home, it helps regulate temperature, enabling you to adjust the air conditioner to your preferences. Unfortunately, your thermostat shows signs of malfunctioning by failing to adjust the temperature to the required level, despite turning the knob.

You will notice this when you find that your home is warmer or cooler than usual despite having set your thermostat correctly. Another sign of letting you know that your thermostat has an issue is when the air conditioner fails to shut off, recording incorrect temperature readings.

When you notice these signs, you need to get in touch with your trusted HVAC Repair Professional Company to check for the malfunction’s reasons immediately. Please don’t try DIY hacks with thermostats. You need heating and AC service professionals.

Trying to fix it yourself is not a brilliant idea since the thermostat requires a highly trained professional who knows the workings of this component. The expert will then advise you appropriately. In addition, the thermostat may be old needing replacement, or there might be some other issues that a quick fix will see it working.

2. Refrigerant/Pilot Light issues

When the refrigerant doesn’t perform optimally or fails to perform all together, this should be a warning sign. It may be a warning sign that your HVAC system needs to be repaired by a heating and AC service. The pilot light malfunction can escalate the problem. When this happens, it may cause the burner to fail to heat the system.

Strangely, when the refrigerant malfunctions, the air conditioner may also fail to regulate the temperature of your home. If you take note of such problems, it is necessary to call a professional in Charleston, SC, to fix those issues before they force you to incur a lot of money in further repairs.

3. Unpleasant Smell coming out of your HVAC System

Nothing makes your room uncomfortable than having foul odors coming from your home. A bad smell from the HVAC may be caused by the malfunctioning of several HVAC system components. Eliminating bad smells in your home should be done promptly to protect your loved ones from getting sick.

Immediate action will also help correct malfunctioning of numerous parts of the HVAC system, such as the heating and AC service. Contacting a professional with experience in HVAC maintenance will help solve the issue promptly.

4. Incurring High utility bills than usual

If you notice that you are paying excessive amounts (than previously experienced) to run your HVAC system, be worried. This indicates that your system may be having some inefficiencies. When your energy bills suddenly escalate at an alarming rate despite you using your usual electronics, then this is a warning that your system might have slowed down.

To address this situation, you need to call your trusted heating and AC service company to investigate the cause of the inefficiencies.

5. Noise coming from the HVAC system

Even when your system is working perfectly, but you hear some noise originating from the HVAC system, you should know that something is wrong and a heating and AC service should be called. A well-maintained system does not produce any noise, which makes your home comfortable and peaceful.

Odd noise coming from the HVAC system indicates that the connection may be faulty, or some components may have malfunctioned. Consulting a professional in HVAC will enable you to solve the issues which may save you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Leaks from your Air conditioner

Components of the HVAC system sometimes depend on other components to function correctly. For example, the refrigerant functions influence the working of the air conditioner. As a result, condensation may occur as the air conditioner operates, but the liquid should not leak into other parts of the HVAC system.

When you take note of water leakage from the air conditioner, this is a warning that your system may be experiencing problems. Contacting your professional HVAC Company will help look into the matter and solve some problems that may cause loss of money.

7. Issues with your duct system of HVAC

Ducts form an integral component of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Therefore, when you notice a significant difference in temperature among your various rooms, you should know that the ducts may be having an issue.



If you want to fix some of these warning signs in a fast and efficient way, look for a professional HVAC company. If you live in the area you can find a professional HVAC Company by doing a quick search online by typing a ‘Professional Charleston, SC HVAC Company’. Do your research and establish a company that suits your needs.

Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating is a company with many years of experience in installing the HVAC system, repairs and maintenance. Contact us today for all your HVAC needs. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to delivering efficient services to our clients. We offer cost-effective services that match our clients’ expectations.

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7 Signs It Is Time To Call An HVAC Company | Charleston, SC

The HVAC system in your Charleston, SC home is essential to your daily life. If it isn’t functioning properly, your home will be very uncomfortable. You rely on your HVAC system to keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. The last thing you want is a complete HVAC system breakdown when you need it the most. The best way to prevent a complete breakdown is to recognize the early signs that you need to call an HVAC company. If you can detect the signs early, you can prevent a minor issue from becoming a major one.

#1 The System Isn’t Producing Cool or Heated Air

This is the most obvious sign that you need to call an HVAC company, and it should not be ignored. Before you make the call, turn your system on full blast and stand under the vents. If you feel cool or heated air, you are all set.

If the temperature in your home doesn’t change after a few minutes, you will need to call a licensed company. There are a few issues that could be causing the problem:

  • A leak in the refrigerant line
  • A malfunctioning compressor
  • A short in the electrical connections

It is best to call an HVAC company right away to prevent the issue from getting worse.

#2 Insufficient Airflow

If you aren’t getting adequate airflow from the vents in your home, your home won’t reach the desired temperature. Your system will try by working overtime, which can cause an increase in your energy bills. It can also reduce your HVAC system’s lifespan.

There are a couple of issues that can cause poor airflow:

  • A broken motor
  • Clogged air filter
  • Clogged air ducts

It is essential that you call an AC company as soon as you realize that you have inadequate airflow.

#3 Strange Sounds Coming From the Unit

When your HVAC system is functioning properly, you shouldn’t hear anything more than a quiet clicking when the system kicks on and off. If you hear anything more, such as squealing, squeaking, grinding, or any other strange sounds, you should call an HVAC company. There could be a broken or loose part rattling around in the system, which can cause further damage. Even if your HVAC system is still functioning properly, you should still schedule an appointment with an HVAC service right away.

#4 Frequent Cycling

It is normal for the HVAC system in your Charleston, SC home to cycle frequently. When it is very hot or very cold outside, it will cycle more often; however, it should not cycle constantly. If you notice frequent cycling, you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC service right away.

The issue could be that your system needs a tune-up, which is a relatively simple fix. This could also be a sign that your HVAC system has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

It would take the knowledge and experience of an HVAC company to determine the source of the problem to resolve the issue accordingly.

#5 Foul Odors Coming From the HVAC System

If the air coming from the vents in your Charleston, SC home smells musty or moldy, you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC company. This can be due to mold build-up in the air ducts or in the HVAC system itself. This is a very serious issue. It is very dangerous for your family to breathe in mold spores. This can cause allergy symptoms. If a member of your family has a chronic respiratory illness, breathing in mold spores can make their condition worse.

An HVAC company can find the location of the mold and remove it.

If you smell a burning smell, you should turn your HVAC system off immediately and call an HVAC service. There could be an electrical short that can cause a devastating electrical fire.

#6 A Frozen Or Leaking Unit

If there are any leaks, puddles, or ice around your HVAC system, you should call an HVAC professional immediately. The issue could be a block in the condensation line, causing the condensation to freeze on the coils. When the ice melts, it will puddle around the ground.

You could also have a refrigerant leak, which will affect the way your system performs.

It is best to call an HVAC professional as soon as you notice the problem.

#7 Energy Bills That Are Higher Than Normal

If you notice that your energy bills are higher than normal, your HVAC system could be to blame. If your system isn’t operating as efficiently as possible, it will need to work overtime to keep your home comfortable.

This issue could require a tune-up, which is a relatively simple fix. It could also be an issue with the mechanical components, or the system may have reached its maximum lifespan.

You will need the assistance of an HVAC company to figure out what is causing the problem so the issue can be resolved.

Why Choose Carney & Son 72 Degree Air Conditioning and Heating?

If you have issues with our HVAC system and want to work with the best HVAC company around, schedule an appointment with Carney & Son 72 Degree Air Conditioning and Heating. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving customers for three generations.

We understand that you need to trust the tech you allow into your home, which is why we require our techs to pass drug tests and background checks. They are also required to receive ongoing training to ensure they stay up-to-date on the latest HVAC technology.

We have an excellent reputation in the community and the industry and have a 5-star rating on Google.

We understand that HVAC issues don’t always occur during our regular business hours. Your comfort is important to us; therefore, we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will do our best to get to your home as quickly as we would have you called during regular business hours.

To schedule an appointment for any HVAC service, give us a call today.

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