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Your air conditioning and heating system allow you to live in really hot and cold climates. Life without these systems would be very difficult. This is why preventive maintenance and repair are imperative for comfort, efficiency, and money-saving. Preventive maintenance will help you keep your HVAC systems running efficiently, however, unforeseen faults and malfunctions may still occur. When they do, be sure to contact a trusted, local air conditioning service provider for urgent repair and service. Having an experienced HVAC technician work on your heating and air conditioning systems will reduce the number of experienced malfunctions you may have in the future, and help you save money by ensuring your HVAC system is running efficiently at all times.

Well-maintained air conditioning and heating systems help prevent worsened systems of allergies and asthma, save money, and cultivate comfortable living conditions. Knowing when to contact an emergency heating and air conditioning service provider is half the battle. Understanding how your HVAC system is supposed to tow or will help you determine when to contact a heating and AC service provider for urgent repair and maintenance. If you live in or around the Charleston, SC, area, contact Carny and Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating for all of your HVAC maintenance and repair needs.

How Does Your Air Conditioning and Heating System Function

Heating and air conditioning are two separate things and operate in different ways. Most HVAC systems share some components and have completely different systems for different functions. The air conditioning unit and heating unit are separate appliances that share air ducts and vents to provide hot and cool air at the push of a button. The way your HVAC system operates depends on what type of HVAC system you own, however, they all work fundamentally the same.

Heating systems operate with either a furnace or boiler. Air conditioning systems have 2 air conditioning units that work in tandem to generate cool air. Each system requires regular maintenance and upkeep in order to remain working efficiently and properly. A properly maintained HVAC system will save your money on your energy bill, have fewer breakdowns, and ensure your comfort. If you are in need of a heating and air conditioning service provider, in the Charleston, SC, area, contact Carney and Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating for all of your HVAC repair and maintenance needs.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a complex process. Cooling air takes a multitude of steps in order to accomplish. There are 5 main components of an air conditioning system that makes it work the way it does. Those main components include:

-The fans

-The compressor

-The Refrigerant

-The Evaporator Coils

-The Air Ducts & Vents

Without these 5 main components, your air conditioning system would not work. If any of these components were to become faulty or compromised in any, contact a heating and air conditioning service provider right away.

All of these components are necessary for all air conditioning appliances, regardless of the type and make. Portable, window units, mini-split, and central air conditioning and heating systems all require these same 5 things. The components may be set up in a different way, however, they will all have them.

Air Ducts and Vents

The air ducts and vents are obviously important, however, they are often forgotten and neglected. The air ducts and air vents are responsible for releasing the air into your environment once it’s been cooled and conditioned. Your air ducts and vents may be large or small, depending on what type of air conditioning system you have.

Window units and portable air conditioning systems only have one set of vents and air ducts in most cases. However, a large air conditioning and heating system, such as a central HVAC system will have multiple vents and air ducts all over the property. These components must be properly maintained and cleaned in order to efficiently and safely cultivate a cool or heated environment. Contact a professional air conditioning service provider for regular air duct maintenance and vent cleaning services.


Fans are used to push the cooled and conditioned air through the vents and air ducts and into your environment. If your fans aren’t working properly you will need to have an air conditioning service provider assess the issue urgently. Without fans, you’re heating and air conditioning will not work properly. Contact an air conditioning service provider to fix the issue before it affects other components of your HVAC system

The fans are also used to cool the air inside of the air conditioning unit. Fans are not the only cooling component of the air conditioning system.

Refrigerant and Evaporator Coils

The refrigerant in your air conditioning system may be the most important component there is. The refrigerant is a chemical that comes in liquid form. Refrigerants are sometimes referred to as coolants. Refrigerants are able to absorb heat and moisture from the air. It is highly sensitive to temperature. When it absorbs heat, the refrigerant is turned into a gas and is transferred to and from the inside air conditioning unit, to the outside air conditioning unit. Without refrigerant, the cooled air would remain hot and humid. If your air conditioning system is working but is blowing out cool air, it could be due to a refrigerant leak. If you notice signs your air conditioning system is low on refrigerant, contact a professional air conditioning service provider right away.

The evaporator coils are there to hold the refrigerant. Since the refrigerant is either always in gas or liquid form, it needs to be held in place by metal coils. These metal coils are known as evaporator coils. These evaporator coils hold the refrigerant as air and fans blow over the chemical solution.


The compressor is essential to operating the air conditioning system. The compressor is in charge of moving the refrigerant to and from the inside and outside air conditioning units. Without the compressor, the refrigerant would remain stagnant and cool air would not be generated easily.

A broken compressor makes rattling and ticking sounds. If you notice these sounds emanating from your air conditioning system, contact a professional heating and air conditioning service provider right away.

If you are in need of a heating and air condition service provider for your HVAC system, contact Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating company.

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