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November 7, 2020

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However efficient your air conditioning system may seem, you’ll likely need AC repair at some point. It can be very inconvenient and worrying if your air conditioning system isn’t working effectively, especially if it breaks down during the hot summer months.

If you live in Charleston, SC, or the surrounding area and are searching for AC repair, don’t hesitate to contact Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating. The company is knowledgeable about all HVAC systems brands and can service, maintain, and repair your air conditioning unit.

This article will help you determine what type of maintenance your air conditioning needs to stop it from breakdown. We’ll also tell you about some of the most common repairs that homeowners face so that you know what to do when your air conditioning stops working.

The Most Common AC Repairs

If your AC unit breaks down, there are likely to be a few common problems that are likely to be the cause. Let’s look at the most common repairs that technicians face daily. It’s good to familiarise yourself with the workings of your AC system so that you have a better understanding of the troubles your air conditioning may be facing. That being said, it’s never a good idea to attempt any type of DIY unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Instead, call a professional for AC repair.

Refrigerant Leak

Air conditioning systems use refrigerants to cool the air in your home. AC units are charged with refrigerant when they are installed. If your system hasn’t been charged effectively or has suffered from a refrigerant leak, this will cause the AC units refrigerant levels to drop. This is a common issue and means that your air conditioner will no longer be able to cool your home as effectively as it once did. If you think your system has a refrigerant leak, you can call in a professional for repair, which is performed by giving your system a refrigerant recharge. Leaks can also be fixed if that was the cause of the low refrigerant levels.

The technician must add the correct amount of refrigerant to your cooling system. The exact amount needed will be specified by the manufacturer. The right refrigerant charge will enable your cooling system to run more accurately and efficiently.

Drainage Problems

When an air conditioner is cooling the air in your home, it will produce condensation, which usually flows away from the unit. Sometimes a blockage will happen in the condensate drain lines or in the drip pan. This can cause drainage problems. If the humidity levels outside your home are high, moisture may be able to back up into your AC unit. Where there is an excess of condensation, the humidity levels inside your home will increase and stop the air conditioner from working properly. This can also cause damage to the inside of the air conditioner, and it’s components.

An AC repair technician will be able to fix these types of problems by inspecting the condensate lines and drip pan. Pipes can be cleared of clogs, and in some cases, will also need to be treated to remove algae growth and prevent future blockages. The technician can also repair or replace any damaged components.

Broken Compressor Fan

Your air conditioner has an outside unit that houses a compressor fan, which allows heat to be released from the air. It transfers hot air out of your home to achieve a cooler interior temperature. If there are any issues with the outdoor fan, this will hinder the heat transfer process, and your home won’t be adequately cooled.

A broken fan, if left unfixed, will also cause the AC units compressor to overheat. Many modern AC systems have safety features that turn the air conditioner off if there are any problems such as overheating. A broken fan can also damage the compressor, and you may find that the compressor needs to be replaced.

A repair technician will be able to look at your compressor fan and diagnose any problems before they become so severe that your AC unit shuts down. It’s likely the technician will recommend that your fan is either repaired or replaced. A professional technician will also examine the outdoor unit to see whether the issues with your fan have caused any other system damage.

Frozen Condenser Coils

Another common problem with AC units is that the condenser coils that are situated in the outside unit can freeze up. This will cause your system to become sluggish, and, in some cases, it may stop altogether.

If your air conditioning has poor airflow through the cooling system, this may result in ice forming on the coils. Poor airflow can result from obstructions such as if your air filter is dirty or if the air ducts are blocked.

Frozen condenser coils are also sometimes caused by low refrigerant, and this would mean your system is ready for a refrigerant charge. Call an AC repair service to help diagnose and resolve the problem. They will be able to thaw out your air conditioners coils safely.

Emergency AC Repairs

If your air conditioner stops working in the middle of a very hot day, it can be very frustrating. Don’t panic; most air conditioning companies offer an emergency AC repair service. Call your local air conditioning company, and they’ll be able to send a technician to your home to fix the problem.

Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating

If you live in Charleston, SC, or the surrounding area and are searching for AC repair, don’t hesitate to contact Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating. The company is knowledgeable about all brands of HVAC systems and can service, maintain and repair your air conditioning unit.

The team is available 24/7 for emergency call out and offers excellent customer service and fantastic value for money. Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, can be contacted on 843 242 7065.

Carney & Son Air Conditioning and Heating

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