8 Affordable Ways To Stay Warm In Your Bedroom This Winter

April 4, 2023

An average American family should expect to spend 17% more on heating their homes this winter. This is a forecast by the National Energy Assistance Directors Association. It means that staying warm in your bedroom during this cold season will be more expensive than before. Fortunately, there are a few simple but effective ways that you can use to keep your bedroom warm during winter without breaking the bank.

Here are 8 affordable ways to stay warm in your bedroom this winter:

1. Invest in a Space Heater

Space heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are a great way to stay warm without using up too much energy.

The best part about these heaters is that they only work when needed, so you can save money on heating bills by only turning the heater on when it’s really cold outside. The capacity of space heaters is often between 10,000 and 40,000 Btus so make sure you choose one that fits your space.

2. Layer Up

Layering up with extra blankets, sweaters, and scarves is an extremely effective way to stay warm during the winter months.

Not only will this help you save money on heating bills, but it can also make your bedroom look cozy and inviting. Layering up with wool and fleece materials is especially great for adding extra warmth.

3. Use Hot Water Bottles or Electric Blankets

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to stay warm in your bedroom this winter, hot water bottles or electric blankets are great ways to go about it. Hot water bottles have been used as a heat source for hundreds of years, and they are still one of the most effective and economical ways to stay warm.

You just need bottles with hot water then place them under your bed and enjoy the warmth. Electric blankets are a great choice if you don’t want the hassle of filling up hot water bottles every night. To reduce the electricity bill, only use the blankets when you need them.

4. Relocate Your Bed

If you’re able to, one of the best ways to keep your bedroom warm is to move your bed away from any colder walls or windows. Even if it’s just a few inches, having your bed away from an area that gets more cold air can make a huge difference when night comes around. You might tamper with the nice arrangement of your bedroom, but you’ll be grateful for how much you’ve saved once the Winter season is over.

5. Lay Down a Thick Rug

A thick rug can make a huge difference in how warm your floor feels, especially if you have cold tile or hardwood. Placing it near your bed can help to keep the chill away, making getting into bed much more pleasant. If you can afford it, buy a quality carpet pad for even more insulation. This way, you won’t have to worry about ice-cold toes when you get up in the morning.

6. Wear Socks and a Knit Hat to Bed

Most people start feeling cold through their feet because of walking barefoot on cold floors. To combat this, put on some thick wool socks or even heated socks to keep your toes warm. Also, wear a knit hat on your head for extra warmth. Dress in layers so that you can always adjust as needed.

7. Cover the Windows and Other Entrances

Drafty windows and doors can let in a lot of cold air, so make sure to cover them with insulating curtains or plastic sheeting. This will not only keep the warm air inside the bedroom but also help prevent heat loss through convection. Also, make sure to check any gaps around pipes, vents, and other openings that may be letting in cold air. You can use a window sealant or caulk to close up these gaps.

8. Eat Well and Avoid Taking Alcohol Before Bed

Healthy eating habits will also help you to stay warm in the cold winter months. Eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins will give your body the energy it needs to stay warm. It’s also important to avoid taking alcohol before bed as this can make you lose heat more quickly than normal as it dilates your blood vessels. Try drinking warm tea or milk before bed as these will help keep you warm throughout the night.

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