6 Signs That You Should Schedule An Appointment For AC Repair | Charleston, SC


Summer in Charleston, SC, can get very hot. On an average summer day, the temperature can reach 88 degrees or higher. Summers are also humid, which can make it feel hotter than it actually is. Because the summer heat can be so brutal, many people spend a lot of time in their air-conditioned homes.

If your air conditioner breaks down during the hottest time of the year, it can be impossible to be comfortable. The best way to prevent a complete air conditioning breakdown is to recognize the signs that you need to schedule an appointment for AC repair early. If you can, you can prevent a minor issue from becoming a major one.

If the air conditioner in your home is experiencing any of the following issues, it is best to call for a repair right away.

#1 Poor Airflow

If the airflow coming from your vents is poor, it can be difficult for your home to reach the desired temperature. Also, poor airflow will cause your system to work overtime to keep your home cool. This excess work will cause a significant increase in your energy bills and put excess strain on the system. This can reduce the lifespan of your system.

There are a few issues that could be causing the airflow to be poor:

  • Dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris built up in the air ducts.
  • A hole or leak in the air ducts.
  • A crushed air duct.
  • A faulty compressor
  • A faulty fan

If you schedule an appointment for a repair immediately, your home will be cool again. It will also protect your air conditioner and reduce your energy bill.

#2 Warm Air Coming From the Vents

One of the most obvious signs that you need to schedule an appointment for an AC repair is warm air coming from the vents. If you aren’t getting cool air, you won’t be able to get comfortable in your home.

Before you schedule an appointment for a repair, you should check the thermostat setting. First, the system needs to be in the cooling mode to produce cold air. Also, check the temperature setting. If it is cooler in the home than the temperature on the thermostat, the system won’t produce cold air.

If everything checks out, you should call for an AC repair. There are a few issues that can cause this problem.

  • A faulty compressor
  • Low refrigerant
  • A refrigerant leak
  • An obstruction in the outdoor compressor

It will take the knowledge of a licensed HVAC tech to determine the cause of the problem so it can be repaired.

#3 A Foul Smell When the Air Conditioner Is Running

If you smell something strange when your air conditioner is functioning, you may need a repair. It is not uncommon to smell dust when you turn the system on for the first time during the cooling season. Within a few minutes, the dust will burn off, and the smell will be gone.

If you smell mold, you will need to schedule an appointment for a repair right away. If there is mold in the air ducts or in the system itself, mold spores can get into the air, which can cause your family to experience allergy symptoms. If someone in your home suffers from a chronic respiratory condition, the mold spores will make their symptoms worse. For the sake of your family, you should schedule an appointment for AC repair as soon as you notice the smell.

If it is a burning smell, you should turn the air conditioner off and call for emergency AC repair. There could be wires or insulation burning, which puts your home at risk for an electrical fire.

#4 Moisture Or Liquid Pooling Around the System

There should never be any moisture around the air conditioner in your Charleston, SC home. If there is, you should schedule an appointment for a repair right away.

The issue could be a broken or clogged condensate hose, which is a relatively easy fix. However, if you don’t make the call right away, the moisture can promote mold growth, which can be harmful to your family’s health and can be difficult to remove.

The moisture could also be leaking refrigerant, which is serious. If your system is low on refrigerant, your home won’t be cool, and it can cause damage to your air conditioner. If you have a newer model air conditioning system in your home, the HVAC tech can repair the leak and refill the refrigerant. If you have an older model, you may need to have it replaced. Most older systems use R-22 refrigerant, which has been banned, making it difficult to find.

#5 Strange Sounds

When the air conditioning system in your Charleston, SC home is functioning properly, you shouldn’t hear anything more than a quiet clicking sound when the system kicks on and off. If you hear any strange sounds, such as banging, clanging, or hissing, you should call for AC repair immediately. If you allow the problem to persist, it will only get work. Eventually, you will experience a complete breakdown.

#6 High Humidity In the Home

Your air conditioner is designed to do more than produce cold air. It also removes humidity from the home. If your home is very humid, you should call for AC repair. The issue could be resolved by recalibrating the system. It could also signify that your air conditioner has reached its maximum lifespan and needs to be replaced. It will take the knowledge and experience of a professional in air conditioners and repair to figure out what is causing the problem to make the necessary repairs.

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