6 Signs That It Is Time To Schedule AC Repair | Charleston, SC


If you have spent at least one summer in Charleston, SC, you know how hot it can get. The average temperature during the summer is between 85 and 88 degrees. It is often humid, which can make it feel hotter than it actually is. When the temperature outdoors heats up, most people stay indoors with the air conditioner on. If your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly, it can be impossible to get comfortable in your home. The best way to prevent a complete air conditioning breakdown during the hottest time of the year is to be able to recognize the signs that it is time to call for AC repair. If you can catch the problem early, you can prevent a minor issue from becoming a major one.

If your air conditioning system has any of the following issues, you should call for AC repair right away.

#1 No Cold Air

The most obvious sign that it is time to schedule an appointment for AC repair is if there is warm air coming from the vents in your Charleston, SC home. Before you call for a repair, you should check your thermostat. First, make sure that it is set to the cooling mode. If it isn’t, the system won’t produce cold air. Next, check the temperature setting. If the temperature in the home is lower than the set temperature, the air conditioner won’t kick on. When you adjust the thermostat, your system should start pumping cold air.

If everything on the thermostat checks out, you should schedule an appointment for a repair. There are a few issues that could be causing the problem.

  • Failed compressor: If the compressor has failed, your system won’t be able to generate cold air.


  • Low refrigerant: If there isn’t enough refrigerant in your system, it won’t be able to generate enough cool air for your home to reach the desired temperature.


  • Faulty thermostat: If your thermostat isn’t functioning properly, your system won’t register commands, making it impossible for the air conditioner to function properly.


  • Air duct crack: If there is a crack in the air duct, the hot air from outside will be pulled into the air ducts and circulate throughout the home.

#2 Poor Airflow

If the airflow coming from the vents in your home is poor, you should call a professional in AC repair. Over the course of a year, 15 pounds of dirt, dust, pet dander, and other debris can build up in the air ducts. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in several years, the debris could be blocking the air ducts, causing poor airflow. If there is a crack or break in the air ducts, the cold air can escape through the hole, causing poor airflow. You could also have an issue with your system’s fan or blower. It would take the knowledge and experience of a professional in AC repair to find the cause of the problem to make the necessary repair.

#3 Thermostat Issues

The thermostat in your home is your HVAC system’s brain. If it isn’t working properly, your air conditioner won’t know when to turn on. It also won’t know how cool you want your home to be. If your thermostat is experiencing any of the following signs, you should schedule an appointment for a repair.

  • Your thermostat has no power.
  • Your thermostat is unresponsive.
  • The room temperature and the thermostat settings don’t match.

If your thermostat needs to be replaced, you should talk to your HVAC tech about the options available. Modern thermostats have features that your old one may not have had. You can install a programmable thermostat, which can save money on your cooling costs. You can set your thermostat to turn the system down when nobody is home and then up before your family returns home.

You can also have a Wi-Fi thermostat installed. You can control your thermostat from your Smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

If you have a Google Nest or Alexa, you can buy a thermostat that works with these devices and can be controlled by the sound of your voice.

#4 A Foul Smell When Your Air Conditioner Is Running

When you turn on your air conditioner for the first time during the cooling season, it is not uncommon to smell dust. After a few minutes, the dust will burn off, and the smell will dissipate.

If you smell mold while the system is running, you should schedule an appointment for a repair. There could be mold growth in the air ducts or in the system itself. When this happens, mold spores can circulate throughout the home, which can cause your family to develop allergy symptoms. If a member of your family has a respiratory issue such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, or COPD, the mold spores can make their condition and the symptoms worse. You will need a professional in AC repair to clear the mold, which will improve the air quality in the home.

If you smell something burning in your home, there could be a burned-out wire, which can result in an electrical fire. It is best to turn off the air conditioner and call a professional in AC repair.

#5 Moisture Or Pooling Liquid Around the Air Conditioner

If there is moisture around the air conditioner, you should schedule an appointment for a repair immediately. The issue could be something simple like a clogged or disconnected condensate hose. It could also be a refrigerant leak, which is much more serious.

#6 Strange Sounds Coming From the AC

A properly functioning air conditioner should be relatively quiet when it is running. You will also hear an occasional clicking sound when the system kicks on and off. If you hear any strange sounds such as a banging, clanging, or whining sound, you should schedule an appointment for a repair.

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