5 Things Involved With An Annual AC Repair And Tune-Up | Charleston, SC

December 14, 2020

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To keep your AC system in tiptop shape and to prevent costly AC repair services in the future, you should consider getting regular maintenance services from an HVAC company. Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating is one of the best HVAC companies in Charleston, SC that can get the job done. They have many years of experience in maintaining all types of AC systems, and can help you avoid costly AC repairs in the future.

Many homeowners are not quite sure what a tune-up involves. They may be hesitant to schedule maintenance services as they don’t think that it really makes much of a difference. If the maintenance services are completed properly, you really won’t be able to tell, as everything will run smoothly. It’s when you fail to get regular maintenance that you notice the importance of annual tune-ups.

This article will look at some of the things that are involved with annual tune-ups, so you get a better idea of some of the things that are dealt with during annual maintenance.

#1. Changing the Air Filter

Deficiency of your AC system is highly reliant on the filters inside. The filter will remove particles in the air and will ensure that the air quality within your home is clean. I’ll remove dust, dirt and other types of allergens that can be very damaging to a person’s respiratory system. Those with asthma and allergies are often the first to notice when the filters need to be changed.

If the air filters are not changed, they can cause many costly AC repair services to be needed in the future. Dirty filters can clog up other parts, rendering them useless or less efficient.

When changing the air filter, many HVAC companies will ask you whether you are happy with the performance of your AC system. If you think that the filter isn’t filtering enough allergens or particles in the air, they can help you choose another one. They may also recommend that you switch to a different air filter based on your concerns.

#2. Looking for Leaks

Another important part of all annual maintenance is that the contractors will look for leaks. In a way, this is a type of repair service. However, during annual check ups, the contractors will look for minor leaks and other problems that may be difficult to detect. You may not have even noticed that there’s a leak yet. With that said, these issues are much easier to deal with while they are still minor.

Our licensed contractors will patch up any leaks that they see and detect. By doing so, they are able to help you avoid costly AC repair services in the future. If the leaks are left alone, you may end up having to replace certain parts or even an entire section of the AC system. These types of repair services can also be very time-consuming.

If the HVAC company needs to tackle a large repair job, you may not be able to use your AC system for several days. This can be very annoying for some homeowners, especially those who live in places that can get very hot, like Charleston, SC.

#3. Calibrating the Thermostat

Have you noticed that your AC system doesn’t get as cold as you would like it to be? Or, have you noticed that the temperature fluctuates?

The issue may lie in the thermostat. One of the most important things that are done during an annual maintenance is the calibration of the thermostat. Our licensed contractors will also take a look and see whether there are any external elements that may affect the performance of the thermostat.

For example, if the thermostat is out in the open and exposed to the sun, it may think that the room is a lot hotter than it actually is. This may cause your AC system to work overtime, which may mean that you’ll need additional AC repair services in the future.

#4. Cleaning the Condensing Unit and Coils

A clean AC system will run efficiently and effectively. A good chunk of time is dedicated to cleaning the condensing unit and the coils. Depending on the type of AC system that you have installed, it may be difficult to reach these parts. Our licensed contractors may have to disassemble the entire unit in order to give it a thorough cleaning.

This is also a good time to inspect the condensing unit and coils to see whether any AC repairs are needed. If you fail to get regular inspections problems with the condensing unit or coils may worsen significantly with time. They may affect other parts in the AC system. In worst case scenarios, you may have to replace the entire system.

#5. Lubricating the Parts

Last but not least, we will lubricate the parts, so they work efficiently. If the parts are not properly lubricated, there will be quite a lot of friction. This added friction can cause you to need more AC repairs in the future. Making sure that everything is lubricated takes only several minutes!

Regular Maintenances Help Prevent Costly AC Repairs

It’s always a good idea to get regular maintenance for your AC system. In general, most experts recommend getting the annual tune-ups during early spring or late winter. You want to get your system checked out before the summer comes, as it will need to be in prime condition by then. A check-up once a year will usually be more than enough. Some homeowners may try to stretch this to once every two years depending on the age of their system.

If you’re looking for any type of maintenance services for your HVAC systems, give Carney & Son 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating a call. This HVAC company services the area and is one of the most reputable companies around. They offer fair and affordable prices for all of their HVAC services. They are able to perform maintenance services and AC repair services.

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