5 Signs it is Time for a New HVAC System

As a homeowner, it is a difficult decision to make to either repair or replace your HVAC system. But sometimes to save pennies, you can end up spending dollars. Before you opt to put a bandaid on your HVAC problem, consider these five heating and air Charleston, SC signs that scream, “it is time for an entirely new system”.

Your System is More Than ten Years old

HVAC systems have a particular lifespan, and it is usually not more than ten years. Most experts agree that repairing a system that already has ten years under its belt is probably close to throwing money out the window. Also, over the past ten years, energy efficiency has come a long way. So your outdated system is probably costing you more than it should.

Repair Costs are Half of the Cost of new

If you are considering whether to repair or to replace, consider this – the cost to repair will be about half of the cost of replacing new. So if your system is outdated and aging, then repairing it doesn’t make much economic sense. Although replacing your HVAC is a significant investment, it is a much better one than investing in a unit that will need to be replaced soon anyway.

Your Energy Bill Keeps Going up

Due to inflation, it is not abnormal for your energy costs to increase slightly over the years. But if you notice that your energy bills have gone up a lot in a short time, then that might be a sign that your system needs to be replaced. As your system ages, its ability to heat and cool will diminish. That means that it will have to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature, which equals more energy output. Replacing your unit might cost a lot up front, but in the end, it will save you a lot too.

You Can’t Seem to Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

If you begin to notice that maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature is nearly impossible, that is a sign that your heating is not working properly. Things like low fluid levels, cracked ductwork, serious motor damage, and clogged filters might all be to blame. But if you have checked all of those things and can’t find anything wrong, then most likely it is an inefficiency in your system. Also, if you have increased the size or configuration of your home, you have placed a new demand on an old system. And it might not be able to keep up.

Odd Sounds

If your system is starting to make weird sounds, don’t ignore them! Loud, screeching, or clanking noises need to be addressed immediately. If you don’t, then the consequences can be much more expensive. If your system is grinding, that might indicate that things are worn out and need to be replaced. The noise will not go away on its own; it’s time to make a call to an expert.

Although replacing an HVAC system can be a significant investment, putting a bandaid on an old and outdated one is tantamount to throwing money out the window. If you notice that your heating and air Charleston, SC system isn’t keeping up with demand, is making loud noises, or is nearing its lifespan, call the experts of Carney & Son to to evaluate your HVAC. We can make recommendations about what is a more appropriate for your situation, replacing or repairing.

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