5 Air Conditioning And Heating Service Maintenance Tips to Follow | Charleston, SC


School doesn’t really prepare you for real life. Many homeowners have no idea what they should do with their air conditioning and heating system at all. The only call for air conditioning and heating services when their units have stopped running. By then, it’s too late. The damage that’s done is usually very costly to fix or even irreparable.

If you want to ensure that your home runs smoothly and that your HVAC systems are in prime condition at all times, consider the following 5 tips.

#1. Keep the Area Around the Units Free of Debris

First things first, you want to identify where the indoor and outdoor units for your HVAC system is located. Next, you want to make sure that you clean the surrounding area to ensure that it is free of debris and any flammable items. Large items that are blocking the ducts can really impact the overall efficiency of the unit.

You should also give the surrounding area a quick clean before calling for any AC and heating service. Ideally, you want the area as spotless as possible, so the professionals can easily identify the problem and get to it. If they need to spend some time clearing the area, you may be charged extra for it!

#2. Call for Air Conditioning and Heating Services Right Away if You Suspect Something’s Wrong

Have you noticed that your AC system doesn’t seem to be running as efficiently as before? Or, do you hear weird noises coming from the furnace or the heating system?

One of the reasons why most homeowners end up with a large bill for air conditioning and heating services is because they wait until it’s too late. The problems will usually be so large that they’re incredibly expensive to fix. Some homeowners will even wait until the problem is not fixable, and their entire HVAC system needs to be replaced.

The best way to avoid costly air conditioning and heating services is to call for a professional as soon as you notice that something’s wrong. This way, they’ll be able to fix the problem while it’s still minor. You can end up saving a lot of money this way.

#3. Be Familiar with the Owner’s Manual

The truth of the matter is that most homeowners never read the owner’s manual for their HVAC system. Due to this reason, they do not know how to maintain it or what to look out for. If you’re a first time home owner, you should definitely take a look at the owner’s manual. You should also take a look at the owner’s manual if you have never looked at it before. There is a lot of information inside out how you can maintain your system that you may not know.

The owner’s manual will give you some information on how often the system needs to be maintained. In general all HVAC systems should be maintained every year. It’s always a good idea to call for maintenance for the air conditioning during early spring and for the heating system during early fall.

The owner’s manual may also provide you with some information on the types of parts that you can use if you need to replace anything. It truly is an important document to look over, as it contains a plethora of information that will be helpful for you. If you no longer have the owner’s manual, you’ll usually be able to find it online.

#4. Check the Power Cords Regularly

One easily identifiable part that most homeowners don’t look at is the power cords. You can easily prevent costly repairs by checking the power cords regularly to make sure that they have not succumbed to wear and tear. If the power cords are located in areas that are easily reachable, you may want to consider hiding them or protecting them with some type of insulation or covering.

If you have small pets in your home, keeping an eye on the power cords is also important, as these are usually the first areas that get damaged. Many small pets may chew on the power cords, causing the inner wiring to become exposed. This can also easily become a hazard.

#5. Make Sure the Replacement Parts Are for Your Make and Model

In general, all air conditioning and heating services in Charleston, SC will ensure that the replacement parts that are used are compatible with the make and model of your system. However, you can also confirm this to ensure that you run into fewer problems along the way. You don’t always have to use branded parts; however, at times, it may be better to go with a part that’s manufactured by the same brand even if it’s more expensive.

Ask the professionals providing the air conditioning and heating services what they recommend. As they have a lot of experience in handling these parts, they are usually able to let you know what other people’s experiences have been. For example, while some parts may be highly recommended online, the air conditioning and heating service may have noticed that these parts require more maintenance.

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