4 Common Air Conditioning Problems That Are a Homeowner’s Nightmare!

A Hvac unit on fire

Sleepless sweaty nights or feeling like you’re living in a sauna are just some of the joys of having a malfunctioning air conditioning system in your home. We’ve all been there; we’ve all had that one experience (or multiple) when your air conditioner is on the fritz.

But what exactly is going wrong with these machines that cause them to fail on us? Let’s take a closer look at some of the main problems.

Water Leakages:

You’re enjoying the cool air on a hot day when suddenly, you hear water dripping from your AC. Bam! There goes your Netflix binge-watching day.

The problem most likely lies with your condensate drain line being clogged with algae or other debris. When this occurs, water backs up and leaks out of the unit. The good news is that this problem can be fixed by a professional HVAC technician or even by a quick DIY solution.

You can use a wet or dry vacuum to unclog the blockage in the condensate pipe. To eliminate fungus or algae build-up, pour 6 ounces of vinegar down the drain line.

Refrigerant Leak:

HVAC systems use Freon gas to cool the air. It is also the most common cause of air conditioner repairs. The following are signs of a freon leakage in your AC:

  • Your AC unit is not cooling your home as it should be
  • There is a hissing noise coming from your AC unit
  • You see ice or frost around your AC unit

If you notice any of these symptoms, better put on some shorts and a t-shirt because you will be sweating it out until the repairman arrives.

The solution to a refrigerant leak is to refill your AC with freon gas. It’s a job for a professional and should not be attempted by a homeowner.

Dirty AC Filter:

Have you ever removed the filter from your AC unit, only to find it caked with dust?

A dirty filter is the number one reason your AC unit isn’t working as it should. The filter’s purpose is to keep dust and other airborne particles from reaching the coils. When the coils become clogged, it prevents air from passing through and causes the unit to work harder than necessary.

The solution is – obviously – to change the filter. But, it’s not as simple as running to the store and picking up a new one. You need to know the size of your unit and the type of filter that it requires.

Damaged Compressor:

The compressor is the component that aids in heat exchange and pressure regulation. The AC compressor may fail due to dirty coils, fluctuating refrigerant levels, or a lack of lubrication.

If there isn’t enough refrigerant, the compressor will overheat and stop functioning. If there is more than required, the extra refrigerant will cause higher pressure in the device, which may cause it to fail.

The best way to avoid dealing with a broken compressor is by ensuring that your AC unit is properly maintained. It means getting it serviced by a professional at least once a year and more frequently if you live in an area with high temperatures and humidity.

The Bottom Line:

These aren’t all the snags that can develop with your air conditioner, but they are some of the most common issues.

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