10 Heating And AC Service Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your HVAC Unit | Charleston, SC


Is your HVAC system producing odd noises when running? Your HVAC system may not be working as well as it used to, and your bills reflect it. You may have probably moved into a home with an older heating and cooling system, and you aren’t sure of its history. There are many signs that you need an upgraded HVAC unit.

In this piece, we discuss ten signs that it is time to upgrade your HVAC unit.

Temperature difference in your home

If different rooms in your home feel too hot or too cold, your HVAC system isn’t running correctly and needs to be replaced. A properly functioning heating and cooling system should maintain regulated temperatures throughout the house. Damaged or clogged air ducts are often the culprit when there is a temperature variation across your home. Your HVAC system may also be too small to condition the air in every room adequately. An upgraded HVAC system from a reliable heating and AC service in Charleston, SC, will ensure your home receives adequate air conditioning.

Your system makes unusual noises

Loud noises emanating from your heating and cooling system aren’t normal. If you need to shout to be heard in your own home, something is definitely wrong with your HVAC unit. When parts of your system wear out or become loose, noises are produced. When these noises become too loud and frequent, it is a sign that the HVAC system is a good candidate for replacement. Consult a heating and AC company on whether your unit needs repairs or replacement.

Your HVAC system is old

Usually, a well-maintained heating and AC unit has a lifespan of up to 15 years. As it ages, it becomes less effective and utilizes more energy. Changes that occur in our indoor environments introduce new stressors that cause detriment to HVAC systems. From new building practices to new cleaning supplies, they all play a role in the overall decline in the performance of a heating and cooling system. If your system has been running for over ten years, it may be time to consider consulting a heating and AC service to replace it with a newer and more efficient model.

Constant repairs

Are you spending money on constant repairs on your HVAC system? You are better off upgrading your system instead of constantly spending money on regular repairs to maintain the old unit. Frequent repairs are a classic tell-tale sign that your unit is wearing out and may soon stop working altogether. Save yourself from frequent expensive repairs by having a professional heating and AC service replace the worn-out unit.

Your energy bills are rising

No one wants to spend more money on their energy bills. If your energy bills are rising yet there are no changes to your heating and cooling demands, your unit is ineffective. Often than not, it may mean you need to change your filters and clean your ducts. However, coupled with other issues such as age, it may be time to upgrade your heating and AC unit. Get in touch with Carney & Son heating and AC service to carry out maintenance and help determine if it is time to upgrade.

Deteriorating air quality

As your heating and cooling system gets older, it will start to accumulate allergens, dust, and air pollutants. This, in effect, reduces the air quality you receive in your home and, in extreme cases, even causes allergies and respiratory conditions. If a heating and AC service replaces your old filters and the air quality doesn’t improve, it is a sign that you need a new air conditioning system. A new HVAC system will help improve the air quality and protect your loved ones from respiratory ailments.

Your heating and cooling system isn’t smart

Is your heating and cooling system smart? A smart HVAC system has advanced features such as Wifi and a programmable thermostat. It helps you save money in the long run and introduces convenience. Once installed by a heating and AC service, the system allows you to manage it when you aren’t at home, enabling you to save energy and money. The initial installation cost may seem high, but the energy savings, cost savings, and convenience are definitely worth it.

Your HVAC frequently turns on and off

If your HVAC system constantly shifts between on and off modes, it may need to be repaired or too large for your home. Constantly turning on and off causes your HVAC system to wear out quicker as it is running more frequently than often. This leads to premature damage to the system’s parts. It is advisable to contact a heating and AC service around Charleston, SC, to check whether your HVAC unit is the wrong size and in need of replacing to suit your needs and the size of your home.

Your home feels too humid

One of the main tasks of an air conditioner is to regulate humidity in your space. It is one of the reasons your space feels more comfortable. However, when your HVAC is struggling to operate, it may leave your space feeling clammy because it can’t dehumidify effectively. Problems with humidity may also arise from having an HVAC system that is too large for your space. It is essential to have a heating and AC service check your system to determine the problem.

Your circuit breaker keeps tripping

When a circuit breaker trips once or twice, there is no cause for concern. However, if you are repeatedly battling the circuit breaker, you may have a problem with the HVAC system. A circuit breaker that keeps tripping is a tell-tale sign that you need to replace your HVAC system. After contacting a heating and AC service to repair it, have them inspect the HVAC unit to know if it is time for an upgrade.

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